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Triangle Madness: Sewing Month Giveaway

UPDATE: WINNER! Amanda Randolph is the winner of the Triangle edition of Curated Quilts. Thank you all who participated.

I hope you are all enjoying September! This is my favorite time of year and also happens to be sewing month, so it’s a win-win. All month we are talking about our favorite quilty inspirations. Last week was all about stars and you guys showed beautiful star quilts you made! If you haven’t been following and want to see and add your own, visit Color Girl Facebook for the share post.

This week, let’s talk triangles. It’s hard not to love piecing triangles. Okay, maybe we don’t always LOVE triangles, what with bias edges and trimming requirements, but the results are SO worth the effort. Think of all the things we can do with triangles: stars, hexagons, flying geese, and they are fabulous all by themselves in simple patterns!

how to sew half square triangles for quilting video tutorial

Once you’ve mastered squares and rectangles and that 1/4″ seam, triangles are the next step for beginner quilters. The good news is there are lots of different ways to sew them, so you can choose your favorite or the best method for each project. For all the info you need to master half-square triangles, watch <<this video>> on Color Girl You Tube. I’ll show you four different methods for making perfect half square triangles!

Of course there’s more to triangles than the half-square variety. My current favorite are the 60* equilateral triangles. These are the guys you can use together to make larger shapes like trapezoids, six point stars, and hexagons (another fav!).

Festival quilt pattern by Color Girl quilts Sharon McConnell

The Festival quilt pattern is an ideal design for trying out 60* triangles on your own. If you’ve never sewn them before, check out <<this video>> on Color Girl YouTube.

Festival is a great example of how triangles can be used to make larger shapes, in this case hexagons. You get a fun overlay of patterns when you use brightly colored triangles and soft “low volume” prints. I so loved making this one and using a lot of favorite, girly prints from my stash. See what this pattern looks like with the colors reversed: bold prints make up the hexagon shapes with light triangles. It gives the pattern a whole new look! << see here >>

how to sew half square triangles for quilt block

So, we can make stars, we can make hexagons, we can do so much with triangles as a building block! They also look fantastic all by themselves. This basic block pattern is a free download and the perfect project to play with creating your own design with triangles.

<<download block pattern here>>

I’d love to see a whole quilt of these blocks! How about making each block in a single color plus white, then making blocks in all the colors. It would be so modern and fresh looking. Also a great scrap buster: simply cut a sew all the triangles from different fabrics pulled from your stash. Make it as random or as coordinated as you like!

I hope you all feel inspired to give triangles a go! If you have already made a quilt with triangles, I’d love to see. Watch for this week’s post on Facebook to add yours for a chance to win a fab triangle-y prize (-:

Curated quilts triangle issue.

This week, one lucky quilter will win a copy of the Curated Quilts Triangle issue. This will give you tons more inspiration for adding triangles into your quilts with a showcase of creative triangle quilts by readers, tools and book recommendations and patterns.

To enter to win, comment on this post and tell me your favorite method for sewing triangles from the video tutorial above. You are also entered if you post a picture of a quilt you made that features triangles on Color Girl FB. (the post to add your picture in the comments will be at the top of the page).

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Happy Sewing,
Color Girl Quilts Sharon McConnell





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8 thoughts on “Triangle Madness: Sewing Month Giveaway

  1. Heather Hamby says:

    8-at-a-time is my favorite way to make lots of HSTs! ☺️

  2. TheGranChris says:

    I really like to cut the triangles with Accuquilt so no trimming needed. However if I need to trim you can’t beat Bloc Loc.

  3. duchick says:

    As I watched you use the Easy Angle 60 Degree Triangle Ruler on stacked fabrics, I’m intrigued to try this myself! Triangles are a shape I’m a bit intimidated by, but watching you sew them together puts me more at ease and now I’m ready! Thanks for the inspiration and ideas!

  4. Terry says:

    I really like the 6in square method of getting eight triangles at a time. I’m so used to putting two small pieces of fabric together, I sometimes forget about the other methods. Thankyou for the tutorial.

  5. Karen Addleman says:

    I most often use the two at a time method because it does allow me to use up smaller pieces of fabric. Also I am not left with many extra hst’s.

  6. Michelle Ingrassia says:

    Thank you for the video, one of the next quilts i plan to do is all triangles, so perfect timing! The easy angle 60 degree looks like the way to go for me!

  7. Cynthia Whipkey says:

    The two half squares at a time. I like the scrapy look of them and using smaller pieces.

  8. Anna Dean-Mcdonald says:

    I just found you and I’m definitely adding your YouTube stuff and your website as a “go to”!

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