Uppercase fabrics by Windham Fabrics, scrappy circles quilt by Sharon McConnell
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Breaking News! A finished quilt

I will never complain about getting to make stuff with pretty fabrics, but sometimes it’s HARD not to share those projects when I have to wait until fabric hits the market. Today, I get to show you one that I am totally in love with (if I do say so myself…) and happy to finally put it into the world. The best part is: you can make one like it if you want (-:

If you follow my social media at all you know I am a big fan of Uppercase Magazine and its publisher/designer/founder Janine Vangool. I have enjoyed all of her fabric collections and consider myself lucky to have landed on a list of people to make promotional projects when she has a new collection. Her latest fabrics, Breaking News have just hit stores…including on this site… and I hope you’ll agree that it is SO GOOD.

Uppercase fabrics by Windham Fabrics, scrappy circles quilt by Sharon McConnell

Since the collection features a really good selection of small scale prints and larger, feature patterns (especially text!), it is ideal for patchwork. I think it could be really versatile for most patterns if you use the larger prints for the bigger pieces (you won’t want to cut those up too much) and the small prints for supporting characters.

I chose to piece some free-style scrappy look circle blocks in a simple grid for my quilt. The idea was to follow the theme of the fabric with geometric shapes and lots of angles.

Uppercase fabrics by Windham Fabrics, scrappy circles quilt by Sharon McConnell

I have plans to create a YouTube video showing you exactly how to make this quilt. I think it’s so fun, but relatively simple, it should be accessible to all! If you haven’t ever tried piecing full circles, don’t worry. They are not as scary as they look and the Classic Curves Ruler makes cutting accurate and that means your piecing will be easy peasy.

Uppercase fabrics by Windham Fabrics, scrappy circles quilt by Sharon McConnell

So really the star of this quilt is the fabric. The collection features a lot of text prints, including crafty theme ones and activism-types. I particularly love the low volume one with little icons for ways we self-care, shown below and Here.

Breaking News fabric by Uppercase sold by Color Girl Quilts

I’m seeing so many possibilities for these fabrics. I used a bit of the big black and white text with the creativity words on it to make a mask. I think any of the featured text ones would make fantastic masks!

The tiny bias stripe print comes in five colors (hello, binding!) and another print has bias stripes of text in black and white that will also be great for bindings, sashing, and pretty much any place else you need a neutral. *the letters are only about 1/8″ high*.

Uppercase fabrics by Windham Fabrics, scrappy circles quilt by Sharon McConnell

The blocks in this quilt are 10″ square and pieced. It has Hobbs cotton batting inside and I quilted it with a basic straight line criss-cross pattern on my sewing machine. The tutorial for making the blocks will be coming in the next several weeks (-:

Meantime, how does this cute fabric inspire you? I hope my quilt and the fabrics make you want to try curved piecing because I think the fabric is perfect for it! Try any of the patterns available for the Classic Curves Ruler…you’ll find it super easy to get going once you watch my demonstration on YouTube <<Here>>.

Get your Uppercase Breaking News fabrics <<here>> and don’t forget to share what you make…tag me @colorgirlquilts and Janine @uppercasemag

Happy sewing,
Color Girl Quilts Sharon McConnell




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7 thoughts on “Breaking News! A finished quilt

  1. Cheryl says:

    This quilt is amazing, Sharon! This fabric collection will definitely be put on my “must have” list!

  2. Suzanne F. says:

    Love your design!

  3. Penelope Mishne says:

    What a beautiful and creative quilt.

  4. Suef says:

    Woohoo! Such a fun quilt! I am looking forward to using my Classic Curves Ruler to make these full circles.

    1. Rebecca says:

      Yes, a fun quilt design and love the fabric choices! I love to mix prints. Need the Classic Curves Ruler.

  5. Carolyn Thomas says:

    Luv the design. Looking forward to the pattern!!!

  6. Peg Sullivan says:

    I can not wait for this one!

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