sewing sampler quilt blocks together in creative setting by Color girl Quilts
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Sensational! Stitch Pink Sampler Layout Design

Did you sew along with us for the Stitch Pink Sampler with Moda Fabrics?

Let’s get those blocks sewn into quilts, no orphans left behind. Of course, the quickest way to make them into a finished quilt is to simply sew them all together side by side. If you made all 30 blocks, you’ll have six rows of five blocks for a quilt that’s 60″ x 72″.

If you want to add a bit of something to make your quilt more interesting and pull the blocks together, read on. For those just joining in, read all about the quilt along and access the free block patterns any time <<here>>

I have a few kits available if you want to make your quilt like mine. See photos of the blocks on our round-up post <<here>>


My first layout suggestion is based on one of the Summer Block-Buster quilts I made. This is the setting for the Simple Sampler blocks I published previously as a free quilt along series. <<explore the Simple Sampler Series of block patterns here>>

Super simple sample quilt blocks, free tutorials by Color girl Quilts

Setting option 1 instructions

If you are making your Stitch Pink Sampler quilt with all 30 blocks, you’ll need 1 yard each of two sashing colors and 1/3 yard of a contrasting accent color.

This is easily adaptable to however many blocks you choose to make. Refer to instructions <<here>> to figure out the total amount of sashing and accent fabric you need for the number of blocks in your quilt if you aren’t using all 30 blocks.

(my original quilt used gray and white for sashing and navy blue for accent color, refer to <this post> to see).

For each block, cut (1) strip 1 1/2″ x 12 1/2″ from each sashing color (to keep it simple, I’ll refer to these as gray and white). Also cut (1) strip 1 1/2″ x 14 1/2″ from each, gray and white for each block.

For each block, cut (2) squares 2 5/8″ from the accent fabric (navy blue)

sewing sampler quilt blocks together in creative setting by Color girl QuiltsSew the 12 1/2″ strips to opposite sides of the quilt block. Press toward strips.

Sew the 14 1/2″ strips to opposite sides of the quilt block. Press toward strips. You should now have your sampler block with a “frame” around it. Two adjacent sides are gray, and the other two adjacent sides are white. Repeat these steps for all the sampler blocks.

sewing sampler quilt blocks together in creative setting by Color girl QuiltsPosition one navy blue 2 5/8″ square over one of the block corners where the gray and white strips overlap. Sew diagonally across the square as shown below. Trim the fabric outside the seam to 1/4″, open and press the resulting blue triangle. Repeat for the opposite corner where gray and white overlap. Add the blue triangles to these two corners of all the blocks.

Arrange the blocks in six rows of 5. Rotate the blocks so that the gray sashing strips are next to the gray sashing in the neighboring blocks and white sashing is next to white. This should create a pattern where the blue triangles fall opposite each other in an hourglass pattern at each intersection of four blocks.

sewing sampler quilt blocks together in creative setting by Color girl Quilts

Sew blocks in rows, press odd number rows to the right and even number rows the left. Sew the rows together to finish your quilt top.

**Options: experiment with rotating your blocks (see image at top of post, it looks slightly different), or with changing up the colors of the sashing strips. Make them all the same fabric so blocks “float” inside the frame, or use a bright accent fabric to make the grid pattern of the sashing stand out. Lots of interesting choices!

Next time, I’ll show you two beautiful options for setting your blocks with an alternating block. One option is super easy, the other a bit more complex. Either way, you stretch the same number of sampler blocks to make a larger quilt.

Be well my friends, and happy sewing!
Color Girl Quilts Sharon McConnell




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