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Sampler Blocks Layout: Hourglass Design

Ready for another layout design for your sampler blocks? I hope you are feeling inspired to  get your blocks sewn up and put together into a quilt. For mine, I’m using the blocks from the Stitch Pink Sampler series (find all the free block patterns, here). You can use this layout for all 30 of the blocks, just a few for a baby quilt, or anything in between!

You’ll find all the posts for the Stitch Pink Sampler in one place, <<right here>>. Get started and find links to the free block patterns, <<here>>.

Okay, ready? Here we go!

Sampler quilt block layout design pattern by Color Girl Quilts

This layout features your sampler blocks alternating with hourglass blocks. These are simple to piece and create an interesting secondary pattern. I really like how the alternate blocks “frame” the sampler blocks, making them the focus of the quilt. There is a lot of flexibility in this layout: you can make the hourglass blocks all the same (like my green/gray one above), or a variety. You may plan different colors to create a pattern, use a variety of scraps (rather than the light/dark arrangement I did), or rotate some of them so the checker pattern disappears. Play around and find your favorite!

For my examples here, you’ll need to sew 18 of the sampler blocks and 17 hourglass blocks. This will make a quilt that finishes 72″ x 84″. Adjust as you like to make the size you want.

Cutting (I’ll use “green” and “gray” like my example, just to keep it simple and easy to understand. Replace with your intended colors.):

From EACH of the green and gray fabrics, cut (9) squares 13 1/4″.

Mark a diagonal line from corner to corner on the wrong side of each of the green squares.

Match each green square, right sides facing, with a gray square.

Sew 1/4″ on both sides of the marked line of the green fabric.

Use a ruler and rotary cutter to  cut on the marked line. Keep the pieces in place and also cut diagonally across the squares in the opposite direction. See illustration below:


how to sew an hourglass quilt blocks by color girl quilts

Open the four pieces and press toward the green fabric.

Arrange the pieces to form two hourglass blocks. Each hourglass block will consist of two of the triangle units made from the squares above. Make sure that the pieces are matched up so that the green and gray fall opposite each other as shown in illustration below. Sew the pairs of triangles together and press.

how to sew an hourglass quilt blocks by color girl quilts

Make (17) 12 1/2″ hourglass blocks. *You’ll have one left over.

Adjust the quantity as needed for the quilt size you plan to make and/or how many sampler blocks you have.

Arrange the blocks in rows, alternating sampler blocks with hourglass blocks. Note that in rows 1, 3, 5, and 7, the hourglass blocks are oriented with the dark color on top/bottom. In rows 2, 4, and 6, they are oriented with the dark color to left/right. This creates the secondary checker pattern. You may choose to rotate your blocks to explore alternate looks.

Sampler quilt block layout design pattern by Color Girl Quilts

Sew the blocks into rows. Press toward the hourglass blocks. Sew the rows together to complete the quilt top. Beautiful!!

I tried out a couple options. What you do you think of the one with different colors above? I did mine so the colors create “rows”, but you could make it so each square is a different color or more randomly placed.

Isn’t it fun to see how it looks and how the layout makes your quilt unique?

One more: I thought I’d recolor the sampler blocks in a holiday-like color scheme and use a rich red and crisp white for the hourglass blocks. You could do this for any type of theme or fabric style you like or have in your stash.

Prints, batiks, solids, holiday…anything works! In my last post, I did some of the layout options in monochromatic style, check that out, Here. You could easily do something like that with this layout, too.

Sampler quilt block layout design pattern by Color Girl Quilts

I hope you have enjoyed the Stitch Pink Sampler sew along! I have really loved participating with you and hope the tutorials and layout designs help and inspire. If you post your samplers and progress on social media, be sure and use #modastitchpink and if you’ve been sewing with me, also tag me or add @colorgirlquilts so I can see.

If you want to make yours like my original blocks (shown on the blocks page), I have a kit of fabrics available, <<get the kit here>> . We also have a great selection of solids and prints to create your own and for your background and layout blocks. Shop all fabric, <<here>>.

You can join any time. The sew along posts will remain here on the site and blocks will be free to download forever (-:

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<<download the blocks here>>

Be well my friends, and happy sewing!
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