Stitch pink sampler blocks free sampler quilt pattern made by Color Girl Quilts
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Stitch Pink Block Round-Up

Happy block 30, we’ve-sewn-all-our-blocks-day!

I confess, at the beginning I wasn’t planning on sewing all 30 blocks. I planned to sew a few here and there and mostly cheer you all on to make yours. But I am so glad I made them all, it was really fun to have a set project with an end goal like this. I haven’t ever done a 100 day project or anything like that, but I can see how the psychology of committing to a daily project really keeps your fire burning.

If you have experienced a loss of mojo or interest in you usual creative passions, try choosing a simple pattern and commit to a certain amount to time to work every day. It could be actual time (like 15 minutes) or a certain amount of progress, like sewing a single block. This month has been amazing for me emotionally because having this project “forced” me to sew. Rather than getting sucked into a million distractions, I committed time every day to sit at my cutting table or sewing machine. I have a feeling if you are reading this, you can relate to how much that helps to keep us happy and reduces stress.

Stitch pink sampler blocks free sampler quilt pattern made by Color Girl Quilts


The blocks. Do you have a favorite? You can download all the free patterns <<here>> any time. They will remain on the site. I also have a kit of fabrics to make yours like mine if you want. <<Buy kit here>>

I hope that even if you are a relative beginner quilter, you’ll give these a try. Projects like this are a great opportunity to grow your piecing skills and get a TON of practice with consistent seam allowance, pressing and matching points.

Stitch pink sampler blocks free sampler quilt pattern made by Color Girl Quilts

I like sampler quilts (Medallions, too, for the same reason) for the chance to try different color and fabric combinations. Each block is a low commitment “mini quilt” ideal for experimenting with color, value and placement. On a few of the blocks, I veered from the color placement on the pattern to emphasize a different shape using value or color. Even though these blocks are classics, there are tons of ways to individualize them to your own taste.

For block 15, I have published a tutorial on how to make all.those.triangles a bit easier and avoid having to sew the framing strips as instructed in the pattern. See the block 15 hack <<here>>. You can also individualize your blocks by adding a piece of the same fabric in every block, or, like I did, using  different “background” for blocks. I wanted to use fabrics in my stash rather than a large piece of yardage, so these are bits and bobs of light prints I already had. That feels great and adds a touch of whimsy to the quilt. Of course, your quilt will be unique if you choose a creative layout for putting them together, too.

I got so excited about the Dresden plate block, #7, that I made a video showing you how to make it step by step. Dresdens are such a classic, cute block, every quilter should have them in their toolbox. Learn about that and watch video on <<this post>>.

Stitch pink sampler blocks free sampler quilt pattern made by Color Girl Quilts

So, our blocks are gorgeous and it’s time to sew them into a quilt! I have lots of ideas and several layout suggestions for you. In my next post, I’ll give you the directions for my favorite ever sampler setting. It’s easy, but makes a big impact. Meantime, get those blocks sewn up and ready for putting it all together!

Be well my friends, and happy sewing!
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