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October Giving Back Program

I have to say a huge thank you to those who took a moment to write a comment about my post in September kicking off the CG Giving Back program. It’s always a bit scary to put one’s feelings out for public consumption, particularly in our current polarized and rather unpredictable world. It’s difficult as a business to know when and how to speak up about things that are important on a personal level. So I appreciate the positive feedback on my last post, and I appreciate all the customers who made purchases in September so we can make a great donation to No Kid Hungry. (-: (read that about it, Here)

For October. Phew. There has been a lot going on and lot to think about. I was thinking about going with the Red Cross this month as we heard the horrors of the fires in California, but then a couple things happened.

First, Breonna Taylor became the latest African American killed by law enforcement officials who’s family must live with the reality that the person who took her life by mistake may not face consequences for that action. (The grand jury in her case chose not to indict the officers involved for their actions resulting in her death). My heart aches for her mother. Their family’s grief must be intense, not just for the huge loss of Breonna from their lives, but for knowing it shouldn’t have been. She should still be here for them to laugh with and love. This has happened too often and we must address systemic racism. I understand the varying viewpoints and recognize that we as the public don’t have all the details, so I will just say that I hope Breonna’s family and the families of others can feel some measure of comfort that many of us care and want it to be different.

Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg passed away in September. She served on the high court for 27 years, but spent her life opening doors and fighting for women’s and civil rights. She was truly an amazing lady and had become an icon in recent years, particularly for left-leaning citizens who saw in her a tiny woman of extraordinary strength and resilience. She was someone who worked to expand rights and privacy and equity, she had an incredible work ethic, and seemed like a spicy, personable lady, too. Her death creates a big potential shift in public policy for decades to come.

And, lastly, the elephant in the room. The U.S. election in November is fast approaching. It’s hard to see our country, our friends and family even, be so bitterly divided and fearful.

SO. For these reasons, I have chosen our giving back recipient for through the end of this year to be the ACLU. I know that’s a big organization and I considered choosing something smaller and more specific, but my hope is that the ACLU is something we can all get behind. They help people exercise their rights to vote, they fight for civil rights for all (not specific groups). This quote is on their homepage and I hope it’s something we can all strive to contribute to in the way we live and treat others:

“The ACLU dares to create a more perfect union — beyond one person, party, or side. Our mission is to realize this promise of the United States Constitution for all and expand the reach of its guarantees.”

5% of all sales from the Color Girl shop for the last quarter of 2020 will be donated to the ACLU.

As we face these last few weeks of the campaign season and then either a continuation of what is or a transition to new leadership, my hope is that we all look beyond ourselves, a single political party or ideology, or side. Let’s try to realize the promise that every person is valuable, build up the marginalized, share our good fortune, expand civility as far as we can.

and don’t forget, my American friends, your vote matters. Your voice matters. As Mahatma Gandhi said, let’s “be the change you wish to see in the world.”

Be well my friends, and happy sewing!
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7 thoughts on “October Giving Back Program

  1. Beth Talmage says:

    Thank you for choosing the ACLU. I have worked with them to get out the vote, making calls, and they are truly non-partisan. We call voters, not members of any specific party. The ACLU’s allegiance is to the Constitution, which is why I am so proud to be a member and a supporter.

    1. mary says:

      ACLU is absolutely NOT not partisan, and usually quite Socialist in their views. I have been monitoring them for years.

  2. Ruth Lindley says:

    Your thoughts are so eloquently and thoughtfully shared, Sharon. I applaud your courage in speaking out and believe the ACLU is an organization doing essential work.

  3. Roz says:

    As an black female I appreciate you being an alley, being all these injustices to light. My hope is in the future we as people will unit again. As a country we are stronger together. 2020 personally has been very heard to stay positive.

  4. CAROL S NELMS says:

    Thank you for sharing, I have registered for an absentee ballot this year(disabled). It will be interesting 🤯

  5. Clarissa says:

    Thank you for choosing ACLU to receive your donation. This is a fantastic organization. Perhaps you will consider the Anti-Defamation League another time. This organization is committed to intervening wherever hate crimes show up, no matter if it’s hate towards race or religion, and teaching there is No Place For Hate.

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