Sunbeam quilt pattern layout variation by Color Girl Quilts
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Pattern Hack: Sunbeam Variation

Have you started your Sunbeam quilt yet? I can’t wait to see what you all do with this cheerful pattern. Today, I want to share a variation I made on the design and tell you how to hack the pattern to make one like this too. You’ll need to have the Sunbeam pattern and the Classic Curves Ruler to make this quilt. I am going to give you instructions for the on-point layout only, not the entire block piecing.

Here we go!

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Sunbeam quilt pattern layout variation by Color Girl Quilts

Quilt Size: 35″ x 43″

Supplies needed:

Classic Curves Ruler

Sunbeam Quilt pattern

Background fabric (I used pink): 1 1/4 yards

White print: 1 yard

Colorful Prints: 7 fat quarters (for reference, one fat quarter will make 4 blocks, you can use more or less variety)

Read the entire pattern before starting, and read these instructions before cutting your fabrics.

In the cutting instructions of the pattern, omit the gray fabric. You will use the pink (or your chosen background fabric for this variation), cut as instructed below.

From pink (background) fabric:

  • Cut (16) 7 1/2” squares
  • Cut (4) 10 3/4” squares, then cut these twice on the diagonal to yield 16 quarter square triangles (you need a total of 14 quarter square triangles, so there will be two left over).
  • Cut (2) 6 1/2” squares, then cut these once on the diagonal, to yield a total of four half square triangles (HST).

Follow steps 1-20 in the Sunbeam pattern to make 32 single Sunbeam units measuring 6 1/2” square. Set blocks aside. 

Note: in steps 13-14, you’ll use the pink fabric (it replaces the gray fabric).

Sunbeam quilt pattern layout variation by Color Girl Quilts

For the on-point setting, you will arrange diagonal rows of blocks and setting triangles. For the first row, arrange one 10 3/4” quarter square triangle. The triangle should be oriented so that the long edge is vertical and the right angle points to the right. See illustration below. 

Add a Sunbeam block on point to the upper right of the first triangle. Finished row 1 with a second quarter square triangle oriented with the long edge horizontal and the right angle pointed downward. Sew these three units together and press toward the triangles. See (1) in the illustration below.

Sunbeam quilt pattern layout variation by Color Girl Quilts

Place one 6 1/2” half square triangle to the upper left of the Sunbeam block in row 1. Sew and press toward the triangle. See (2) in the illustration above. This forms the upper left corner of the quilt.

Row two begins and ends with quarter square triangles the same as row one, but includes three Sunbeam blocks.

Continue to follow the layout as illustrated to arrange 8 diagonal rows. Row 4 will begin with a quarter square triangle and end with a 6 1/2” HST. This forms the upper right corner of the quilt.

Row 5 begins with a 6 1/2” HST. This forms the lower left corner of the quilt. Add the fourth corner HST to row 8.

Sew the rows together to complete the quilt top. Press well.

Sunbeam quilt pattern layout variation by Color Girl Quilts

Voila! I really like how versatile this pattern is. I hope this gives you inspiration to make your own, whether it’s in the original layout or this one (or you own!).

For my quilt, I used Hobbs Tuscany wool batting. It has a slightly thicker loft than my usual cotton and I think it’s fun the way the quilting really stands out. I will say that it made quilting it on my home sewing machine a tad more time consuming due to the thickness. I quilted it with gray tinted monofilament thread so it would blend in without having to change colors to match fabric.

I have a detailed tutorial on binding your quilt on YouTube <<here>> if you need help with that step to finish your quilt.

Be sure and share! post pics of your quilts on IG and FB with #colorgirlquilts #classiccurvesruler and tag me, @colorgirlquilts

Happy Sewing!

Color Girl Quilts Sharon McConnell





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2 thoughts on “Pattern Hack: Sunbeam Variation

  1. Susan says:

    Love the quilt. I have the classic curves ruler and have used it with Great results. I promoted the ruler to my quilt group And volunteered to demonstrate to them. Keep up your wonderful creative journey.

  2. Kathi says:

    Beautiful quilt I am looking for longarm pattern you used on Sunbeam.

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