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New on Color Girl YouTube: Pressing

I know we all joke that quilters always have an ironing board set up but wear wrinkly clothes. (-: In my case, that’s definitely true, BUT, just because the ironing station is not too glamorous and mostly utilitarian, we can still have fun toys over there!

I recently started using two new things for pressing my quilt blocks and they are fun AND functional, so I’m here to tell you all about it. In my latest video on Color Girl YouTube, I’ve done a sponsored video that’s all about pressing for quilters. Now, the tutorial part of this video is certainly geared toward beginners, but I’m also reviewing the wool pressing mats that everyone seems to be using lately. Get my impressions and see if a wool mat is something you need.

how to press for quilters by Color girl Quilts

<<click here to watch video>>

BUT FIRST, read on:

You’ll also notice in the photo that I have a pretty new iron! While the iron isn’t the focus of the video, let’s take a minute to talk irons.

My sewing room is set up so I have a cutting table that I primarily use for cutting yardage to send to YOU when you place orders in the shop. I also use it for cutting when I am piecing. I have another table with my sewing machine and another with all my shipping supplies. That last table is also where I usually set up my ironing board. It’s a nice little work triangle (-: but it does require setting up and taking down my ironing board to sew vs. when I need to do other things (the room isn’t that big).

When working on small piecing projects, it’s much more convenient to have a small pressing area on the same table next to my sewing machine, and so…

a wool pressing mat and a mini iron. Perfect.

I’ve had mini irons in the past and never stuck to using them because they didn’t get hot enough. For quilters, an iron must be hot, must be able to use steam, and I like a nice heavy iron. I found all those things with the Oliso mini iron. I’ve been using the full size Oliso for about two years, I think, and love it. The mini has now become my full time iron for piecing! it’s every bit as good as the full size one in a convenient size for piecing and moving back and forth between sewing and pressing. To be honest, it actually gets too hot, I usually use it on the middle setting while I’ve always used my big one on the highest heat setting.

sewing room set up by color girl quilts

Plus, let’s be honest, the Oliso irons are also super cute because they come in pretty colors. Cute is very important and anything that comes in pretty colors is a must have, am I right? The minis have been available in pink and yellow, and now the company is releasing two new colors, violet and aqua. I was lucky to be gifted a violet one to use and share my thoughts. I can honestly say, I love it and definitely recommend them. In fact, I even became an affiliate, so if you decide to get an Oliso iron, I’d love it if you use my link. I’ll get a small commission for sending them the business (-: <<click here to get your Oliso iron>>

When I got my pink one last spring, I did a first impressions, unboxing video, watch that to see the iron in action <<here>>

Details on the wool pressing mats: mine is from Lilypad Lake, sold on Amazon (here). As you will see in the video, it’s super smooth and a great size for piecing. They come in a variety of sizes, and I have one that is 17″ x 24″ so it’s on the large side. I’ve been really happy with it, but I’m told that it’s important to keep something under it to prevent heat and moisture (if you’re using steam) from transferring to the table surface underneath. It’s also important to be careful using starch as the mat can scorch if you get the starch on it. A friend of mine says she uses Best Press on hers and hasn’t had any problem with scorching. I hope you’ll watch the video and tell me what you think if you decide to use one or already have one.

Anybody else have new tools they would recommend? I always enjoy learning what others find useful (or fun!) to sew with.

Happy Sewing!

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3 thoughts on “New on Color Girl YouTube: Pressing

  1. TheGranChris says:

    The mini-iron might be a great iron but way too much money for my budget.

  2. vivian383 says:

    I loved my full sized Oliso iron until it took a tumble off the ironing board and hit the floor ! The “rising platform” broke in a crooked position rendering the iron useless. Not its fault but mine. I was heart broken. I have a 17 x 24 wool pressing mat and I like it a lot. The other pressing tool that I use a lot is a hard pressing board- a piece of plywood, 1 piece of batting covered with a piece of muslin. You can buy them too. They work great for making flat seams.

  3. Claire F Paul says:

    I borrowed a wool pressing mat last year and decided it wasn’t for me. An old dog, I guess… Your sewing space and irons are all so cute and colorful! Thanks for sharing!

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