Food Bank Fundraiser

**UPDATE: the fundraiser is finished and we donated $516 to the food bank! thank you to all who participated and made this a big success!!**

What a spring it’s been! Has it really only been about six weeks since we all started staying home and life really changed for so many?

One of the things that has bothered me in this pandemic world of stay-at-home orders and shuttered businesses and schools is the potential loss of security for so many of our neighbors. I really want to do something to help, and hope you’ll join me!

Mid Ohio Food Bank fund raiser

I designed a shirt that I hope will speak to all of our desires to show a spirit of solidarity now and into the future. It’s designed to apply not just to our current circumstances, but to the idea that each day on earth is a blessing to live and that we are all doing the best we can to thrive. My hope is that the sentiment “in this together” can apply to all aspects of the way we exist.

Here’s how you can help those in need: I am selling my shirts as a fundraiser for the Mid-Ohio Food Bank. When you order a shirt, 100% (yes, ALL profits) will be donated to the food bank.

I recently heard that up to 75% of current users of food banks have never needed to do so before. We are in a situation where so many of our neighbors and friends are struggling and in need. I hope that for those of us who are able, we can do something to help (even if it’s tiny and from the safety of our homes).

visit the fundraiser site now <<click here>> to buy a shirt or donate what you are able.

Here’s how it works: You place your shirt order now. Orders are only open until May 3, so don’t wait! Once the fundraiser is over (May 3), the shirts will be produced and you’ll receive yours approximately two weeks later.
PLEASE NOTE: the women’s style featured runs small. Please order 1-2 sizes larger than you would usually buy (depending on how fitted you like it). Your shirt will come directly from the screen printer. I am not taking payments or shipping them myself.

My goal is to raise $1000, which will be the sale of approximately 50 shirts. Do you think we can do it?

I hope that all of you colorful friends are safe and healthy! Please continue to share what you are making and engage with me on IG and Facebook.

Happy Sewing!

Color Girl Quilts Sharon McConnell





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  1. Suzanne Fisher says:

    Sharon, I can’t connect to the fundraising site by the “click here” button. Could you repost the link? Love the shirt!

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