Magic Star hexagon Quilt with Everlasting Fabric by Color Girl Quilts
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It’s Magical! New Quilt Pattern

A big day, it’s new pattern time! I feel like 2019 was one of my favorite years, quilt-wise, and now you can make one my personal favorites, too. <<get your Magic pattern here>>

Magic is a quilt I made as part of the promotional tour for Sharon Holland’s fabric collection, Everlasting. I totally fell in love with the true, rich red and navy blue that are featured strongly in the fabrics. To complement the many floral prints, I chose a bright green tonal print for something a bit unexpected and playful. Plus, doesn’t this lush color palette just make you feel good?

Magic star quilt pattern by Color Girl Quilts

The Magic pattern features three size options: baby, throw and queen. You can see the full pattern cover with fabric requirements, Here.

If you are thinking this looks too tricky for me, don’t worry! The sewing is strictly straight seams, no “Y”s or paper foundations to deal with. Pattern does include a full size template ready to print and start cutting. It’s a bit easier with a 60* triangle acrylic ruler, so if you have one you can use that too. If you need one, get it <<Here>>.

Magic Star hexagon Quilt with Everlasting Fabric by Color Girl Quilts

Not sure what it is about Magic that just brings a smile. The colors are different for me, I rarely use red, but love this palette of prints and colors! It’s a different shape for me (no curves!) but I have been loving hexagons and diamonds lately (-: I guess there are just some that grab you in a special way.

Magic Star hexagon Quilt with Everlasting Fabric by Color Girl Quilts

Details: My Magic quilt was quilted in an all-over floral design by Darby Myers of Quilted Squid. It has Hobbs batting inside and I do all my piecing with Aurifil 50 weight thread. In addition to the pattern, you can get a kit for an alternate color way, <<here>>.

Pattern is on sale now, and I can’t wait to see what kind of Magic you create!

Happy Sewing!

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  1. Claire F Paul says:

    It’s beautiful! How did you know I was thinking “This looks too tricky for me”!!!!!

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