Help Me Give to Help Australia

I’ve been thinking a lot about wanting to help the crisis in Australia with the fires. We’ve seen the images of destroyed habitat and injured and dead animals. At least one firefighter that I know of has been killed and many homes destroyed. It’s not enough to say I feel sad about the state of our planet and the trajectory we are on.

As with many of the current events in our news, despite feeling strongly about the issues and often terribly sad at what I’m hearing and reading, I feel so helpless to make a difference.

So. I decided that while I can’t make a huge difference in Australia, I want to do SOMETHING. I love animals and it absolutely breaks my heart to think that so many of these creatures are destroyed (many that are only found in Australia and their populations can be wiped out by these fires). Though it’s not much, I can give resources to help the people who are there to help and can make a difference.

Here’s the deal and I want you to help me: For every quilt pattern sold on my website January 15-31, $5 will be donated to the Nature Conservancy Australia. AND, my family will personally  match that amount. So, when you buy a pattern here this month, you’ll get to make a pretty new quilt and help me give $10 to help Australia. Please spread the word.

I hope you take me up on this!

**UPDATE: you helped me give $900 to Nature Conservancy Australia. Wow!! thank you so much for your support. I am happy so many of you now have new patterns to sew. Hope you’ll share your makes with me! Thank you.**

Happy Sewing!

Color Girl Quilts Sharon McConnell





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