video how to sew 60 degree triangle quilt by Color Girl Quilts
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60* Triangle Quilt: Free How-To Video

Coming to you today with the quilt version of a New Year’s Eve party (-: Now it’s a free pattern tutorial on Color Girl YouTube.

Hope you enjoy this quilt as much as I do! It’s versatile enough to be perfect for sewing some of your precious stash fabrics, scraps, or like mine: showcasing pretty Zip Stripes and Ombre Bloom fabrics.


video how to sew 60 degree triangle quilt by Color Girl Quilts

There’s nothing more fun that trying out a new shape or technique to grow our quilting repertoire and keep things interesting. 60* triangles are not super common in quilting, but they are a really fun shape to play with! They are easy to size up and down when you use an acrylic template (Get yours <here>). You can change up the layout for a variety of looks or to build other shapes like diamonds and hexagons. Yes, I am pretty smitten with this cute little shape!

When the new Zip Stripes and Ombre Bloom (both by Moda) fabrics arrived here in the shop, I couldn’t resist whipping something up. These fabrics are so beautiful! The hard decision is going to be which of those stripe colors to use when I bind the finished quilt?

zip stripes by Moda Fabric sold by Color girl Quilts

This one is simple and colorful with the alternating triangles of stripes and not-quite-solid Ombre Bloom prints. Of course, you could also use a selection of your favorite prints or solids and sew them up in a more random arrangement. This would also be great for busting some scraps, you only need a 6″ square for each triangle.

I think it would be fabulous to alternate bright prints with low volume or black and whites. Of course, you probably would predict that from me, right?

video how to sew 60 degree triangle quilt by Color Girl Quilts



This is a quickie, measuring 38″ x 47″. Mine is made with Ombre Bloom and Zip Stripes fabrics (get them here), or pick up a pre-cut bundle <<here>>

You’ll need a 60* triangle ruler template (get one here). It’s all pieced with Aurifil thread (-: . It’s easy to size this up or down to your needs by making more or fewer triangles. This one is nine rows of 11 triangles.

Video includes all the how-to you need to make one of your own! I hope you’ll try this fun shape.

<<click here to watch video>>

Happy Sewing!

Color Girl Quilts Sharon McConnell





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One thought on “60* Triangle Quilt: Free How-To Video

  1. Debra Campbell says:

    Beautiful quilt! Reminds me of bunting for a party.

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