How to bind a quilt video tutorial by Color Girl Quilts
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About Binding: How-To Videos

You can’t finish that gorgeous quilt without the binding! It seems that binding is both very necessary and also the most difficult skill for newer (and even not-so-new) quilters to master. Well, as a back-to-basics project, there is now an in-depth, two part video series on Color Girl YouTube that shows you all the steps to a beautifully finished quilt binding.

In the videos I show you how to cut both bias strips and straight grain strips so you can choose what’s right for you or the fabric you are using. You’ll see how to sew the strips together, press them and apply them to the quilt sandwich from start to smooth finish using only your sewing machine or the traditional hand-stitched method.

How to bind a quilt video tutorial by Color Girl Quilts

In the first video, I’ll show you how to cut straight grain strips, pressing and machine sewing the strips to the front of the quilt. This includes that tricky step of joining the two ends so you have a smooth edge all the way around…no crazy math or marking required. Finally, I’ll show you how to hand-stitch the finish. <<watch now>>

How to bind a quilt video tutorial by Color Girl Quilts

In the second video, you’ll see how to cut bias strips and how to do the entire process with your sewing machine. I’ll show you my secrets for getting a beautifully crafted finish quickly, no hand stitching required. <<watch now>>

There are lots of good methods for binding your quilts and I’m sure you have your own tricks if you’ve been making quilts for much time at all. I think these videos have a little something for everyone and hope you find them helpful! If your goal is to get those WIP’s finished, you have to master that binding. (-:

Happy Sewing!

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3 thoughts on “About Binding: How-To Videos

  1. TiinaK says:

    Thank you for these tutorials! What fabric is that rainbow stripe?

    1. Sharon says:

      Thank you! Isn’t that fabric beautiful? It’s by Art Gallery, but has been discontinued and they don’t have any more. I wish they would bring it back 😀

  2. Zoe Pat Robinson says:

    Love your color choices. Need to work on my binding. Thanks

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