How to cut a full circle from fabric with the Classic Curves Ruler
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Full Circle Hack: A Closer Look

Popping in today to show you some detail on how to use your Classic Curves Ruler to cut and sew full circle blocks. Many of you have enjoyed the YouTube video on Color Girl YouTube where my friend Cassandra shares her expertise on this (sometimes tricky!) technique. Some have had questions about adding the tape on the ruler to mark the cutting lines. Here’s a bit of explanation and close up pic to help you understand.

How to cut a full circle from fabric with the Classic Curves Ruler

As you know, the Classic Curves Ruler gives you such accurate and easy cutting of curved shapes because of the concave/convex lines. These lines are positioned so that when you line your fabric up for cutting, you get pieces that include seam allowance…so your shapes sew together like a breeze!

With typical blocks like a drunkard’s path (quarter circle), you need seam allowance on all four sides so that when you sew those blocks together you get a perfect circle. In the video, Cassandra showed how she hacked her ruler to eliminate seam allowance for cutting a whole circle (since you want to start with a perfect circle from the beginning) by adding 1/4″ tape. You’ll still have seam allowance for the outer perimeter curve of the circle so you can sew it into your background fabric, but you won’t have that extra fabric on the interior of your circle (since there are will be no seams!).

How to cut a full circle from fabric with the Classic Curves Ruler

So, Cassandra used 1/4″ marking tape and placed it along the normal cutting lines. I just cut some blue painters’ tape into 1/4″ strips and used that to mark my ruler.

So, now the inside edge of the tape gives you new concave/convex lines that are 1/4″ inside the ones marked on the ruler. Fold your fabric into quarters to cut the circle (convex) and the hole in the background fabric (concave). Use the tape edges to line your fabric up for cutting just like you would for a normal block.

circle set in curved piecing by Color Girl Quilts

Be sure and watch the entire video tutorial, you will be impressed with Cassandra’s blocks and likely inspired to try this technique yourself!

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Happy Sewing!

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