Curated Quilts magazine featuring Curved piecing for Quilters
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Real Curve Appeal: Curated Quilts issue 7

I wasn’t familiar with Curated Quilts other than seeing mentions on Instagram…until my friend Cassandra said she had entered a mini quilt in their curves piecing challenge.

My ears perked up! Curved piecing challenge? While I was too late at that point to join that fun, an amazing coincidence came a few days later: another quilting friend, Cheryl Arkison, sent me a message that she was writing an article for the Curated Quilts issue on curves and would I offer some input. I love things like this! While I missed the chance to submit something for the challenge, I still got to be part of a VERY special issue of this impressive publication.

Curated Quilts magazine featuring Curved piecing for Quilters


It always surprises me how many quilters say they are afraid to try curved piecing. You guys know I am obsessed with using curves in quilt designs and I have taught lots of quilters to love them too! It seems that the writers of Curated Quilts found that overcoming fear is a factor in their experience of quilters’ relationship to curves, too.

“What’s the worst that can happen? You have to buy more fabric? Hmmm….doesn’t seem like a rational excuse.” (-;

I like the thinking of this editor!

Curated Quilts magazine featuring Curved piecing for Quilters


Curated Quilts is a quarterly magazine published by quilters. I say magazine, but really, the quality of the publication puts it more in league with an actual book. This is the first issue I have seen and I’m impressed with the quantity and quality of content featured. Cheryl’s article is all about the how of curves: overcoming the fear, tips and tricks for success, etc. Then there are features on Double Wedding Ring quilts, a story about QuiltCon featuring curvy quilts, and more.Curated Quilts magazine featuring Curved piecing for Quilters.

Curated Quilts magazine featuring Curved piecing for Quilters


In addition to seeing some of my photography featured in the articles (the Classic Curves Ruler makes an appearance!), I also have a quilt in the Gallery: an impressive showcase of just how creative you can get with curves in quilt designs. I was excited when they chose my Ring Around quilt to feature along with a short description and story of my inspiration and process. This is an all time favorite quilt, so I am happy it’s getting out into the world even a little bit.

Ring Around quilt by Color Girl Quilts Sharon McConnell

If you are curve curious and want to give it a go (I could recommend a few patterns…..) your issue of Curated Quilts also features several patterns and projects as well as book and product recommendations to help you succeed.

Admittedly, I haven’t bought a quilting book in years. I’ve let all my subscriptions expire. Maybe that’s why it was super exciting to receive this issue of Curated Quilts and find it extremely well done and inspirational.

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I’d love to know what you all think! Any other good Quilty book inspiration you’ve found recently? I always like a recommendation.

Happy Sewing,

Sharon McConnell, Color Girl Quilts




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2 thoughts on “Real Curve Appeal: Curated Quilts issue 7

  1. Linda Burchi says:

    I love these!! Thank you!
    I am new to sewing recreationally as my children have moved out of the house. This is the first pattern that I have found that I trully believe my children will like!!

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