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Are Two Color Quilts Still Colorful?

Have you ever made a quilt with only two colors? I have always enjoyed the old traditional quilts in cheddar and green, blue and white, red and green, and more. For a Colorful Quilter, though, it’s tough to limit yourself to just two colors for a WHOLE QUILT! Think you can do it?

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Last week I told you about a new-to-me quilting magazine, Curated Quilts.* I love the current issue on curved piecing (of course!), and I saw that they are having a challenge for quilters to appear in the January 2020 issue. Here’s the challenge: make a quilt in only black and white. <<click here>> to see Curated Quilts challenge details and requirements for entry.

This gave me an idea: how about we all accept the challenge? But I’ll make it even better for Color Girl readers who participate. Wouldn’t you love to see your quilt published in Curated Quilts?! let’s go for it.

I’ve never entered a challenge like this, but I have been totally loving black and white for a while now and incorporate it into lots of quilts. Would you like to join me? I’d love to see what you all come up with.

black and white quilt in progress by Color Girl Quilts

Since I want to make this a super fun challenge for all of us, we will include ANY two color quilt. If you love black and white and want to do Curated Quilts with me, great! If not, choose your own two color scheme and sew along with us here and be inspired and maybe win a prize. (-:

Read on for prizes and what to do. This is a basic plan with details for this first week. I’ll flesh out the future weeks, but some things need to stay a surprise!

Black and white fabric sold by Color girl quilts

Week 1: May 17-24: choose your color combination. What two colors will you make your quilt? Of all the people who join in and share their colors or even progress on their project, I’ll pick a winner of the black and white bundle above (ten fat quarters) that’s sold in the shop. A second winner will get a copy of the current issue of Curated Quilts (see more about it here).

to enter: snap a picture of your two-color plan. This can be the fabric you’re going to use, an image or collage that’s inspiring you, whatever you want to do to show us your colors. Post your picture on Facebook and/or Instagram with #colorgirlchallenge2019 in the caption. *note: your post has to be publicly visible in order to be an entry. If you are private, you won’t show up on the tag for me to add you to the drawing. On FB you can post your picture on the Color Girl Quilts page or as a comment to one of my posts about the challenge*

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Week 2: I will pick winners on May 24 and post it here as well as contact the winner. I will share the next post for our challenge that day too. It will include another chance to win (different prize) and progress on my project. Hope you’ll share your progress throughout, too!

Week 3: May 31. Have a pattern and fabric chosen, start/keep sewing! Second winner announced.

June 28: Can we have our quilt tops done?? I’ll have a giveaway prize for anyone who posts a picture of their finished top or quilt this week.

August 1: the first day to submit your black and white quilt to Curated Quilts. Whether you choose to do black and white (and submit or not) or another two color combo, let’s see those finished quilts!

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Okay! Hope this gets us motivated to sew. Will making a quilt with two colors be challenging for you? It will be for me, but black and white is so cool, I think I can do it. What two colors will you choose?

Happy Sewing,

Sharon McConnell, Color Girl Quilts




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6 thoughts on “Are Two Color Quilts Still Colorful?

  1. Lesley says:

    I love two color quilts, am getting ready to do a two color Drunkard Path with Banyon Batiks “Tie One On” collection by Northcott.

  2. Martina says:

    I loove them! Actually startet one more than two years ago with cutting the fabrics, last september I started to sew some blocks and …. now I hope sewing it in a virtual group will make me finish it! Thanks so much for the challenge!

  3. Sounds like a fun challenge, but is there an option for those of us not on Facebook or Instagram? Thanks.

  4. Nonnie Anne says:

    May I join in with a quilt I’ve already started, but have stalled out on? I think two color quilts are beautiful, but I so love to play with more colors that I have a hard time staying focused on working on a more limited palette. Currently a multi-colored scrap quilt keeps getting my attention instead of the two color one which needs to be finished in time for my high school graduate to take to college in August. I think your sew along might be just the motivation I need to stay on task! (P.S. I just signed up for your newsletter.)

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