Classic Curves Ruler by Color Girl Quilts, with fabric by Alison Glass for Andover fabrics
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Classic Curves Ruler Video Tutorial is Live!

I have started working on a series of videos for Color Girl YouTube that feature curved piecing and how-to tutorials to help you get started, use and enjoy your Classic Curves Ruler. The first video is a basic but very in-depth look at how the Ruler works, curved piecing and squaring up your blocks.
Classic Curves Ruler video tutorial on curved piecing and cutting a drunkards path quilt block

<<Click Here to Watch Video>>

This tutorial takes you through making a 6 1/2″ drunkard’s path block (quarter circle) from cutting out the pieces, to sewing the curved seam, pressing and squaring up your blocks so  that they sew together perfectly. Learn all my tricks for beautiful curved piecing. These simple blocks are super versatile and can be set together in an endless variety of designs.

In addition to the full length tutorial, you’ll also find an abbreviated video that starts with just the sewing and shows how to square up the block. This will be a great resource if you are using a different cutting tool or template and just want to see how to sew the curved seam and trim your blocks. <<click here to watch video>>

Super excited to share my love of curved piecing with you! there are so many neat designs to sew. You’ll find the Classic Curves Ruler and patterns for it when you
<click here>.

There are more Classic Curves Ruler videos coming, so be sure and subscribe to Color Girl YouTube and stay up to date on all the videos as they post.

Happy Sewing!

Sharon McConnell, Color Girl Quilts




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2 thoughts on “Classic Curves Ruler Video Tutorial is Live!

  1. Sarah Hunter says:

    Eek! I’m so excited I found this, I had just subscribed to your channel a month ago and am thrilled this is happening, since curved piecing is on my must-try list. I would love to see your suggestions (perhaps in another blog post) about some of your patterns that are well suited for curved pieicing beginners.

  2. Kathy strouth says:

    Do you have variations of the Jacobs ladder pattern that is made from the drunkards path quilt pattern?

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