How to sew flying geese units for quilts, video tutorial by Color Girl Quilts
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All About Flying Geese: Cute Sampler Blocks

I took a bit of time off, so I’m slightly behind on what I had planned for my Super Simple Sampler blocks. I hope if you are sewing along you are still working away on these cute blocks! This week, the focus is on flying geese units. These little block units are key to lots of traditional quilt blocks and the technique is a must for your quilting toolkit. (Besides, they are just so cute and versatile!)How to sew flying geese units for quilts, video tutorial by Color Girl Quilts

There are several blocks in the Simple Sampler Series that require you to make flying geese or use the same techniques. I have just put up a new video on YouTube that’s all about making block #19 which requires eight flying geese. The tutorial includes two methods so you can choose your favorite when making this cute block.

<<Click to Watch the Flying Geese, Block #19, Tutorial>>

How to sew flying geese units for quilts, video tutorial by Color Girl Quilts

If you are just tuning in or want to join, we are making a new (all pink!) version of the Super Simple Sampler. This was series I did here on the blog a couple years ago and finished up with this quilt. The instructions to make 36 six inch sampler blocks are always here on the site (Click Here) as well as the instruction to put them all together like my original quilt (click here).

This time, I am adding video tutorials on my YouTube channel to feature several blocks and key quilting skills you can apply to many of your other projects. These little blocks are super quick to sew, great skill builders, a way to use your scraps, and make a really cute quilt! Be sure and share if you are sewing along.

Happy Sewing!

Sharon McConnell, Color Girl Quilts




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    Love your new haircut. Looks lovely on you

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    I too love pink, and your blocks are adorable!

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