Making Dresden quilt, EZ Dresden ruler, Alison glass fabric. color girl quilts
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A New W.I.P., Pretty Fabric and a *Sale*!

September has been quite a busy month here at Color Girl Quilts. I *may* have bought lots of new fabric for the shop, there’s a new pattern for the Classic Curves Ruler, we went to the Lakeside Retreat… and that doesn’t even include the crazy that is kids’ soccer season, back to school, and home remodeling! Whew. But it’s all good and I can’t wait to show you what I’ve been working on.Making Dresden quilt, EZ Dresden ruler, Alison glass fabric. color girl quilts

I started this Dresden project in August while I was on vacation and I was able to get back to working on it at the retreat last week. I am so much enjoying putting the fabrics together for this one! So, my strategy as far as color was to use shades of lavender, green and aqua blues for the blades of the Dresdens. The centers would then be orange peel shapes made with a bright raspberry pink mariner’s cloth and cut out with the Classic Curves Ruler.

This was one of those projects that I got so excited about I just started cutting and sewing…unfortunately that lack of planning creeped up on me a bit. Once I had a bunch of the little Dresden units made, I had no idea how to put them together! (-: Making Dresden quilt, EZ Dresden ruler, Alison glass fabric. color girl quilts

I definitely wanted them on point because I love how the pink orange peel shapes look in this setting. But what background and setting? Sashing? No sashing? One of the limitations I kept bumping into was that placing the blocks on point created a challenge for how to finish the edges of the quilt. I also started to look like the quilt was going to be HUGE (-:

Anyway, I have decided how these beauties are going to be sewn up into a finished quilt. I am working on the appliqué of the Dresden units to the background fabric and I will share more when I have some progress. One thing I will say: I am thrilled with this fabric mix and color palette! what do you think?

Alison Glass prints sold by Color Girl quilts

In other news: My birthday is coming up. Alison Glass has a new fabric collection just out. It’s Autumn. I am starting a You-Tube channel. Lots of reasons to celebrate! Over the next several weeks, I want to have some fun around here. First up: all Alison Glass fabric is on sale for $8.80 a yard. You can order in 1/4 yards on up. This includes the brand new Road Trip collection!  Sale ends September 26. Have fun with these gorgeous colors, I know I will be (-:

Happy Sewing,

Sharon McConnell, Color Girl Quilts




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One thought on “A New W.I.P., Pretty Fabric and a *Sale*!

  1. Maxine Reisenleiter says:

    I just placed my order. Thanks for the sale. Happy Birthday “coming up”. I’m looking forward to seeing the full quilt that you create based on the above photos. Maxine

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