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It’s Back! the Simple Sampler

Last summer, a very close friend insisted on keeping my old dog, Cleo, while our family was away for three weeks. I had major reservations because Cleo is over 13 years old (she’s a Labrador), getting pretty decrepit, and as neurotic as they come. I figured she’d freak out at being out of her home, but she seemed to settle right in with Nathalie and her family and it was a huge relief to know she had good company and loving care while I was away.

Long story short and sparing you the details, Cleo demonstrated some eccentric behavior and natural old-lady issues while staying at Nathalie’s. She wasn’t the easiest house guest and I am truly grateful for how patient my friend was and willing to care for this crazy, but hugely lovable, old dog of mine.

You know what’s coming next: I want to make Nathalie a quilt. She deserves a super special “thank you” for going above and beyond as a friend.

Color Master pink fabric bundles for quilters. Sold by Color Girl quilts

Since my friend’s favorite color is pink (I mean, she REALLY loves pink), I am setting out to make an all-pink quilt. Heaven knows I have a good supply of pink since it’s also one of my favorite colors. My first though was of these pink color bundles…talk about pretty! I know I would love to wrap up in something made with these beauties so they are my fabric  inspiration.

For pattern, I am going to make up the blocks from the Super Simple Sampler that I published a couple years ago. These are free, easy, 6″ sampler blocks that you can make any time. I thought they would be a fun way to showcase the pink fabrics since they lend themselves to scrappy looks. <<click here to find all the posts with block instructions>>

So, here’s my plan, want to join me? Let’s have a celebration of color! If you’ve never made a one or two color quilt, consider this a challenge. A challenge to play with your scraps or try a brand new color scheme. A challenge to work with value to ensure effective composition of your piecing. You can choose one of the color bundles I have here on the site, or shop your own stash for a variety of prints in your chosen color. Make sure to have a selection of light and dark, plus some medium colors.  Also choose a neutral color or print to mix in.

I will be posting progress each week. My goal is to make 6 blocks each week and there will be a total of 36. I’ll also be posting videos on You-Tube about  some of the blocks, choosing fabrics and sharing progress. At the end we will  set them together for a good size throw quilt to gift or keep. You can go with my new setting or follow the instructions to make yours like my original one (in the top photo). Find those instructions, Here.

Cheers to a VERY colorful October!

Happy Sewing,

Sharon McConnell, Color Girl Quilts




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4 thoughts on “It’s Back! the Simple Sampler

  1. Claire Paul says:

    We all want to watch Cleo now!!!

  2. Diana says:

    We love ANY excuse to gift someone with a quilt, but what a kind friend to do that for you 🙂

  3. Chris Reeske says:

    Love the fabric you used in the first one..Figures isn’t it? I have some left overs, how much needed?

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