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How This Quilt Was Born and a Reveal

I may be odd, but it is so thrilling to me when the idea for a new quilt is hatched. I suppose we quilters are lucky to be so easily pleased: give us pretty fabric and we can be happy for a long time. This week, as I share about the new pattern that is coming, I’ll tell you a bit about how this particular design came about.

Someone asked me recently how I start a new quilt: pencil and paper, computer program, or just start cutting and sewing. While I utilize all of those methods, my ideas usually start with a picture in mind, often as I lay in bed trying to sleep (-:

Since the past year has been all about curvy quilts for using the Classic Curves Ruler, I think a lot about curved shapes and how to accomplish a variety of designs using the Ruler for cutting.
black jack quilt pattern by Color Girl Quilts

This particular quilt was one where the idea came into my mind and I figured I knew the best way to go and just went for it. Cut, sew, cut, sew and on and on. This first iteration was made with cheery prints and bright colors from Art Gallery Fabrics. I love how graphic the black and white rings look with those colors!

While I love how the first quilt looks, it was too complicated in its construction. Back to the drawing board to simplify the design if there was to be a pattern that others could follow successfully. And guess what? I created a much easier way to sew the blocks and one that keeps the pieces larger, thus offering a great opportunity to show off beloved jack quilt pattern by Color Girl Quilts

And here it is! The next pattern for the Classic Curves Ruler will be available this weekend. I have decided to call it Black Jack. Do you see the poker chips? I feel like this quilt has a lot of potential for interesting variations and to show off your favorite fabrics and color combinations.

The process of creating any quilt is what makes it so rewarding. Do you feel the same way…even projects that don’t turn out exactly as awesome as we imagined, each one is an opportunity to learn a new sewing skill, play with colors and create something useful and beautiful.

Happy Sewing!

Sharon McConnell, Color Girl quilts




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2 thoughts on “How This Quilt Was Born and a Reveal

  1. MindyMarik says:

    I love the look of Black Jack. I m going to be available soon if you need a pattern tester,
    See my work on IG @mindymarik and

  2. Cathy says:

    They’re both neat, but I like the first one better, design-wise. It looks like the colored shapes are hovering over a black and white surface. I hope you don’t mind me saying so!

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