Lakeside Chatauqua, lake erie, Ohio.
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Lakeside Retreat: Come Sew with Me!

Popping in to tell you about a quilting and sewing retreat I am going to in September. I hope that if you live anywhere close to northern Ohio you’ll consider joining us.

I attended this retreat last September as the teacher, but this year we are having open sewing time all weekend! Of course, if you come and want help with a Color Girl pattern or the Classic Curves Ruler, I wouldn’t turn you down (-;  .  The venue couldn’t be more beautiful: a charming great lakes village of summer cottages on the shore of Lake Erie. We had a really fabulous time last year and I can’t wait to go back. Find registration information by Clicking Here.Lakeside Chatauqua, lake erie, Ohio.

Hope to see you there!

Sharon McConnell, Color Girl quilts




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