Dollhouse fabric by Art Gallery Fabrics, baby quilt by Color Girl quilts using Classic curves Ruler
Curved PIecing, Work in progress

Straight Line Quilting: How-To the Color Girl Way

Have you seen the new Dollhouse fabric by Amy Sinibaldi for Art Gallery Fabrics? it is just about the most feminine, pretty collection of prints and colors you could imagine. I used some fat quarters of Dollhouse to make up a really sweet and really simple baby quilt using the Classic Curves Ruler.Dollhouse fabric by Art Gallery Fabrics, baby quilt by Color Girl quilts using Classic curves Ruler

Large blocks are an ideal way to get started with curved piecing. The gradual curves are easy to sew and give you a lot of practice (read: success, not frustration). By the time you make a quilt like this, you will be a master of curves (-: I also like large blocks to show off pretty fabrics, and to make a super quick quilt to gift. I think this design would also be fantastic in bright colors or large scale prints.

When I got the Dollhouse fabrics, I wanted to make something basic so that the prints shine. I also wanted a project that I could share with you all in a tutorial. I just love the look of these circles: very modern and minimal, but still super interesting and dynamic. I will have the finished quilt to share soon, along with a tutorial for how you can make these pretty blocks. **members of my email list will get a printable pattern, so make sure you are signed up to get my email**Dollhouse fabric by Art Gallery Fabrics, baby quilt by Color Girl quilts using Classic curves Ruler

I don’t know if I’ve mentioned it, but I really like straight line quilting (which is a good thing because it’s all I’m any good at). Since the piecing of this quilt is very minimal in style, I decided to do a bit more than my usual one-way straight quilting. I’m getting really adventurous and doing TWO way, grid quilting! (-;

Here is my method and favorite tool for straight line quilting: a roller wheel (shown above). This little tool is intended for marking patterns for apparel sewists, but it is perfect for marking quilting, too. It looks a bit like a simple rotary cutter, except the “blade” is dull and smooth. You can use your regular cutting ruler to measure out your lines, then run the roller along the ruler to get perfect lines. The roller leaves a subtle indentation in the fabric you can follow when you quilt. My favorite part is that there is no need to remove the lines afterward like you would for a pencil or marking pen.Dollhouse fabric by Art Gallery Fabrics, baby quilt by Color Girl quilts using Classic curves Ruler

Can you see in the photo above, the markings on the right side are made by the roller? On the left you can see where I have sewn over them for really nice, straight lines. I usually start at a seam line and measure off that to keep them straight on my piecing. For this project, I’m doing lines 1″ apart going both ways. I typically mark four or five lines at a time, quilt them, then mark more. The texture is fabulous! I will definitely be doing this again.

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Happy (straight line) quilting!

Sharon McConnell, Color Girl quilts

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4 thoughts on “Straight Line Quilting: How-To the Color Girl Way

  1. Barbara Opett says:

    Love your quilt with Doll house fabrics. Can’t wait to see what kind of fabric bundles you come up with. Sew exciting, congratulations on your new adventure!

  2. Thank you for the great tip on the smooth tracing wheel! I just ordered a package of 2 from Amazon!

  3. Sheila Hall says:

    Re: Missing Link (lol)
    Hi Sharon! I just love these pretty, feminine, soft, vintagey, sweet, childhood-reminiscent fabrics you’ve featured in this quilt!…’problem is, I can’t find it (to brouse and –of course — start planning!????). You’re always good about linking everything…I’m sure “it’s me” (or maybe you’re waiting til your quarters collections come on board?). [I searched, but kept getting the same response — “(something)-seed”? — and eventually to Etsy.]

    I really like your tip about using the “roller”(/pattern marker) — ‘great use for the one my Mom gave me when I was a little girl learning to sew. : ) (Can you tell I loved ‘childhood’?)

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