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Classic Curves Ruler Video Tutorial

Finally! A video tutorial on using the Classic Curves Ruler is here. Sue O’Very of Sue O’Very Designs did a fantastic review and video on the CCRuler on her YouTube channel. It will be a great resource for those who need a more visual, real-life demonstration of how to cut and sew with the Classic Curves Ruler. The link to the tutorial is below. Be sure and visit and follow Sue’s YouTube channel for lots of useful tutorials and ideas for sewists.

If you’ve been curious about the Classic Curves Ruler and what all the excitement is about, watch the video about how it came about and how to use it. What I love is that Sue is not a seasoned quilter. She is the perfect person to  show how easy the CCRuler makes curved piecing. She even said, “if I can do it, anyone can do it!” (-:

You can also read Sue’s blog post on this and other sewing tools, Here.

Happy Sewing!

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5 thoughts on “Classic Curves Ruler Video Tutorial

  1. Cheryl says:

    Great video. Thank you Sue and Sharon.

  2. Karen B says:

    Good video. I’m looking for the one you did showing less waste. My ruler is on it’s way via mail. Thanks

  3. I just purchased this ruler. Thanks for all the helps.

  4. Sue C says:

    The video demo is an absolute must before you cut into precious fabric! Now the little 1″ cutaway squares make sense to me, as well as knowing the difference that some parts of instruction may be to get ONE concave part, and another instruction may apply to get a TWO concave parts from the SAME square depending what pattern you are using.

  5. Thanks so much! QUESTION: is there a video that addresses cutting the concave and convex sections out of the same layer cake of fabric? meaning you use the same block of fabric to cut both sides of the curve?

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