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Inspired Gift Giving for Creative People

Happy Holiday season, everyone! I have a guest writer today. Maria Cannon is the founder of , a website and organization to encourage young people to develop hobbies as an important component of mental health. I totally agree with that concept! My sewing is critical to my mental health for sure (-:  Maria has written an article with suggestions for holiday gift giving to the creatives in our lives (note: links are NOT affiliate/paid). I am also adding some of my favorite suggestions specifically for sewists and quilters.

Of course, I am all for gift giving to yourself, too. How about a Classic Curves Ruler and quilt pattern? (-:

Classic Curves Ruler with Art Gallery Fabrics and Aurifil thread

Take it away, Maria…

Everyone has at least one person on their holiday list whose homemade gifts rival store-bought creations. From a touch of sentimental to a touch of luxury and class, they have an artistic sense that enriches those around them. But sometimes it’s hard to shop for the most creative people in our lives. That’s why getting them a gift that taps into their natural, creative juices is one thoughtful way to give them the gift of doing something they love.

Creativity is the kind of skill that shows a person values a unique kind of beauty in the world around them. You can help bring out their own inner beauty with holiday gift ideas that encourage experiences and inspirations that feed their creative soul.

An Idea Journal
For many creative types — from colorful fashionistas to clever wordsmiths — ideas don’t float into their heads like clockwork. Inspiration is often spontaneous, inspired by the world around them. This holiday season consider giving them the gift of ideas. A journal to document what they see, feel and want to make will not only help them keep track of their on-the-fly inspirations, but also allow them to gather all their thoughts in place when they’re ready to put an outfit together or write a new short story.

Sharon says: “Quilters on your list might like a Quilters’ Planner, a calendar for documenting your quilting projects throughout the year.”

Adult Coloring Books
Creative people, especially those who make a living off their craft, can sometimes feel stressed or anxious when the creative well dries up. Even though it’s only natural to experience a block from time to time, creative people can be emotionally-driven, so they feel negativity at a deeper level. Coloring books are gifts that enable them to reduce stress in a creative way, while also inspiring them with new ideas. Some popular coloring books include:
Mandalas: A colorful, meditative art from Buddhism.
Humorous: Coloring books with an irreverent comedy style to keep things from getting too serious.
Flowers: Using vibrant colors to find patterns in nature.
Swirls: Designs that allow you to follow an abstract rhythm as opposed to concrete designs.

Sharon says: “Check out fabric designer BariJ’s hand drawn coloring book, Here

Digital Sketchpad

Combining a loved one’s passion for technology with their sketching skills can be an imaginative way to bring their ideas to life. The modern world has brought about cutting-edge ways to fuse art and technology, and a digital sketchpad is one of many tools that does just that. Gifts like this include a drawing tablet, a graphics tablet or even a paper sketchpad that transmits a digital image to a smartphone.

Sharon says: “I received a Wacom tablet for my birthday this year. It is so much fun to use! It makes turning your drawings into digital, editable files so easy.”

Wise craft quilts book by Blair Stocker

Wise Craft Quilts by Blair Stocker. My favorite craft book of 2017.

Inspirational Books

Creative people don’t always have one mode or outlet for their ingenuity and originality. Creativity doesn’t always translate into crafting; your creative loved one might be someone who simply enjoys the beauty that others bring into the world. From art books to books that use psychology to map patterns of creativity, the shelves of your local bookstore are filled with inspirational ideas for the innovative thinkers on your list.

Sharon says: “If you are looking for an incredible gift for a special creative person, I cannot recommend highly enough a subscription to the magazine, Uppercase.”

Online Classes

Creative people are busy people. They may want to explore a new painting technique or learn a new instrument but can’t find the time. This holiday season you can give them an opportunity to broaden their skills with the ease and convenience of self-paced online courses. From learning to play the piano to learning to paint, they can direct their own instruction based off their personal interests and needs.

Sharon says: “This year I have been watching Skillshare classes while I sew. If you know someone interested in learning a new art, design skill, or aspect of business, a membership to Skillshare would make a great gift.”

When you’re trying to find the perfect gift for that special creative person, think about what kinds of gifts will give them a one-of-a-kind experience. You’ll bring joy to their lives by helping them expand and enhance their love of their craft.


Thanks, Maria! and thank you, my friends for reading this long post. I hope you enjoyed the ideas.

I have a few more recommendations (again, these are not sponsored) for the quilters/sewists on your list:

Warm Crochet scissors with Art Gallery Fabrics, gift ideas for creative crafty people

Warm Crochet scissors, Art Gallery Fabrics and Aurifil thread

Kidgiddy: Kerry has an amazing talent for designing Foundation Paper Piecing patterns for quilts, check out her unique designs (my favorite is the roller skates). I am also smitten with her patterns for making doll clothes (they are the right size for American Girl Doll and similar).

Threadcutterz: This is the stocking stuffer for all the quilters, knitters, crochet or other thread enthusiasts! I have a flat mount one on the side of my sewing machine and it’s super handy. The rings would be perfect for any portable sewing or crafting.

Warm Crochet: I love my pair of these beautiful little scissors. If you order, you can get 10% off using coupon code “colorgirl”

Happy Holiday shopping!


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  1. Barbara says:

    Enjoyed your page this morning. I also believe having a hobby is critical to mental health. I know I get grumpy if I’m not sewing something or have a project going.
    Thanks for the great share!

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