crazy curves quilt by Sharon McConnell Color Girl Quilts
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Crazy Quilting Curves

crazy curves quilt by Sharon McConnell Color Girl Quilts

If you are on my email list, you received a happy surprise last Saturday: the instructions to make a Crazy Curves mini quilt. I hope you enjoyed the pointers about curved piecing and you will try it out! You can still sign up for my mailing list and get this and other future patterns, tutorials, coupons and news.

You have noticed I have been on a curved piecing craze lately. It’s true that curves are my favorite…there are so many possibilities and so many cool designs you can create by adding circles to your quilts. I chose this little Crazy Curves quilt to send to you because it is based on the most basic shape and a great way to start with curved piecing: the quarter circle (also known as Drunkard’s Path). These big curves are easy and gradual, making them perfect to practice and get a successful start with curved piecing. **Plus, the crazy piecing is nice for reducing the scrap inventory in your fabric stash!

Classic Curves quilt, drunkards path mini quilt by Sharon McConnell

Drunkard’s path blocks can be put together a million different ways, so your options are wide open to make your quilt unique. For my Crazy Curves, I alternated the blocks so that they make diagonal rows in the finished design. You could also make them into full circles (like my Capsules quilt) or in fragmented circles like the one above.  This little quilt is a sample for my booth at quilt market next week. More on that one later (-;

Do you see how fun these little blocks are? The first curved quilt I ever made was a drunkard’s path from the book Strips and Curves. You can get endlessly cool designs by arranging and rearranging, or piecing the sections.

tipsy quilt pattern by Sharon Mcconnell, modern curved piecing quilt

Above, my Tipsy quilt pattern uses the quarter circle shape combined with other shapes to create yet another unique pattern. Lots of inspiration here!

So, I hope you have a chance to try out this fun little block! I would love to see what you come up with if you use the Crazy Curves pattern or just use the templates to make your own unique curvy design. Tag me on Instagram (@colorgirlquilts), post on Facebook (Color Girl Quilts) or send me an email. I enjoy hearing from other quilters and am happy to answer questions any time.

If you want to get sewing curves with me, sign up for my email list below. I will send the Crazy Curves project out again soon for new sign ups.

Now, I am back to Quilt Market preparations…have a great week!


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6 thoughts on “Crazy Quilting Curves

  1. Ellen Weiß says:

    Hi Sharon, thank you so much for sharing the lovely patterns with us. Your ideas are a great inspiration for me and highly addictive;-). Have a nice time at quilt market.

  2. Ellen Weiß says:

    Oupps, I completely forgot one thing: the idea of using made fabric for the quilt is great. I love it.

  3. Cathy says:

    I’m signed up for your blog newsletters. Is that the same email list you would send your free pattern to? I really admire your mastery of curves. I have tinkered a bit, but it is definitely not my forte!

  4. Jacqueline Skarritt says:

    Ditto to what Cathy said???? I don’t remember getting instructions to your pattern…. I had looked for it but may well have missed it. Would love to try if you would consider re-sending and, thank you! I LOVE the crazy curves quilt!❣️❣️

    1. Sharon says:

      The pattern was sent out in my newsletter last Saturday. Be sure and check trash folders in your email and mark it as “not spam” so you get my messages in the future. If you just signed up for the list, I will be sending this one out again for new members. Thank you!

  5. Jacqueline Skarritt says:

    Hi Sharon, I’m having trouble posting a comment…. maybe this one will go through???? I missed your Saturday post on the mini quilt pattern.???? Is there a site I can get to and find it? I really want to try it. I love your crazy curve quilt❣️❣️

I love comments! thanks for stopping by.