Summer Bloom quilt in progress by Sharon McConnell
Curved PIecing, Summer Bloom, Work in progress

Summer Bloom Quilt, take 2

Summer Bloom quilt in progress by Sharon McConnell

Sometimes a quilt pattern just strikes you. Usually I make a quilt once and that’s good, I am ready to move onto the next thing, but Summer Bloom is different. I want to keep making the pattern…there are so many possibilities!

My first version is beautiful (if I do say so). I made it with fabrics mostly by Katarina Roccella for Art Gallery fabrics. The colors are soft and flowery and I love it. But I had to make a more flamboyant version, didn’t I?Summer Bloom quilt in progress by Sharon McConnellSo I set out in September to make a second Summer Bloom quilt with my stash of Alison Glass Handcrafted Batiks (Andover fabrics) and cross weaves for solids. I figured the texture and bright colors of both types of fabric would be amazing together. I also changed up the original a bit in the striped parts of the piecing.

Summer Bloom quilt pattern by Sharon McConnell Color Girl Quilts

I started out planning on doing them all black and white, using a black batik from Hoffman fabrics, but I ended up challenging myself to create a different stripe combination in every block! Some have black and white with colored stripes in different combinations, some are gray and white, and some of the stripes don’t line up with each other.

Once I realized I could use scraps to piece the pod shapes, all bets were off, and I ended up meeting my goal for a wild design, I think. I love it when a pattern sparks my imagination…when I adapt as I go, changing up the fabrics, changing up the layout…to make a truly unique quilt.

Go for it!



5 thoughts on “Summer Bloom Quilt, take 2

  1. Summer Killebrew says:

    I love this version…the bright colors and changing up of the stripes has really made it striking! Have you decided how you’re going to quilt it yet?

  2. Barbara Woods says:

    Love your quilt

  3. Elizabeth E. says:

    I know what you mean about once and done, but I love that you came back to this and came up with that completely different version. Perhaps it was the fabrics you went to, or the discovery of the piecing, but perhaps working in a series is what helped uncover these ideas. Bravo to you for following your creative muse!

  4. rosa says:

    So beautiful!

  5. Nicole says:

    I love this and I think you’ve done a great job. I hope you use a b+w stripe binding when the time comes.

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