Emblem duffel bag with Art Gallery fabrics Canvas

The Time I made a Bag, and Liked it!

Emblem duffel bag with Art Gallery fabrics Canvas

I would not consider myself a successful bag (or any 3-dimensional) sewist. BUT…I feel quite inclined to make more bags since I sewed this Emblem Duffel bag. The pattern is by Sara of SewSweetness and I was lucky enough to be a tester when the pattern was in progress. You can get the Emblem Duffel pattern Here. Whether or not you are a bag maker, if you are even a bit curious or have a great fabric and want to try a bag, the Emblem Duffel is it. I will tell you why I thoroughly enjoy this bag.

Emblem duffel bag with Art Gallery fabrics Canvas

First of all: easy sewing. Even a non-bag maker like me can make this bag…and look how awesome it is?! This is no zipper pouch, it is a duffel bag…and a novice can make it!  *can you tell I am pretty proud of myself for making this? I know I am not being the least bit humble about this, but it feels like an accomplishment to me*

Second: So useful. My duffel has already travelled with me to SLC for Market, to Hawaii as my carry-on, and on a Wisconsin road trip (perfect size for overnight or car-ride entertainment materials). It is really easy to carry and despite its size, doesn’t feel bulky to me. It is nice and sturdy with a big bottom so it stands up well.

Emblem duffel bag with Art Gallery fabrics Canvas

The one thing I struggled with on this bag is those tabs at the ends of the zipper where you attach the long strap. I felt a bit like I needed to stand on my head to attach those things with my sewing machine! It helped a lot to attach them first with hot-glue so they stayed put while I wrestled the bulk of the bag into position under my machine.

The fabric I used is canvas from Art Gallery Fabric, the Pastel Thrift collection. It also comes in black with white letters. I am in love with it! I bought mine at Hawthorne Threads (online store). I also used Aurifil thread, Pellon interfacing and foam from By Annie (available at independent quilt shops). I made a slight modification to the pattern, so that the bottom is the same black canvas like the straps. It seemed like a bad idea for the bottom to be the white print (-:

It’s not my usual quilt project, but I am really pleased with my bag…it will likely be traveling with me for lots of trips!


Emblem Duffel pattern and many other cute bag patterns available at SewSweetness

2 thoughts on “The Time I made a Bag, and Liked it!

  1. Jacque (aka Snoodles) says:

    Wow! Great job! You have a right to be proud of that bag – looks awesome!

  2. rosa says:

    So beautiful!

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