The Ultimate guide to machine quilting book
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The Ultimate Guide to Machine Quilting

The Ultimate guide to machine quilting book

It’s a recommended reading kind of day: I have a great book to share with you! Christa Watson (fabulous free motion quilter) and Angela Walters (super talented long arm quilter) have teamed up to produce a book that teaches about both types of quilting: The Ultimate Guide to Machine Quilting.

I own Christa’s previous book (and absolutely love it, read more Here), and I am just as impressed with this new one. I think the idea of presenting the two types of quilting is genius…there things that both can do best, but even if you only do one type (like most of us!), you can use the advice and quilting designs from either one.

The Ultimate guide to machine quilting book

The book consists of many full quilt patterns, so you can do start to finish from piecing to quilting. The patterns are mostly very basic modern designs that lend themselves well to showing off beautiful quilting. This is also an advantage, as they make great quilts for practicing your quilting on, without worrying about fussy piecing or lots of seams and starts/stops in your quilting.

All of the patterns feature a quilt made by Christa and a version made by Angela. Both quilters share their suggestions for quilting each quilt. This provides a wide range of ideas to practice, so there is something for all skill levels and styles.

The Ultimate guide to machine quilting book

One of the things I loved about Christa’s first book was the level of detail and actual instructions provided. This book is just as well written…with a color coded layout for home machine quilting and long arm techniques. There are detailed how-to’s on the quilting designs and lots of pictures (I love a lot of pictures).

I usually feel pretty intimidated by FMQ, but I am getting better. This book makes me feel  motivated! I like Angela’s advice to practice lots of different styles until you find your favorites and get a quilting repertoire under your belt. The Ultimate Guide to Machine Quilting is available on Amazon, as well as your local quilt shops.


disclosure: Christa Watson is my friend and I think she is pretty wonderful. She gave me a copy of the book free of charge to use and enjoy.

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