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Coastline Fabrics Blog Tour, My Curvalicious Quilt

Coastal quilt by Sharon McConnell using Coastline Fabrics by Art Gallery Fabrics

It is my turn on the blog tour showing inspiring project made with the new fabric collection, Coastline, by Sharon Holland for Art Gallery Fabrics. Please do check the other posts (click Here) for many sewing ideas and inspiration for these beautiful fabrics. Sharon is also offering to giveaway a bundle of the fabrics: simply repost your favorite image from the blog tour on your Instagram for a chance to win. More details are listed on Sharon’s site at the link above.

Coastal quilt by Sharon McConnell using Coastline Fabrics by Art Gallery Fabrics

For my Coastline project, I made a quilt with large enough pieces to show off the pretty prints and colors, and includes curves…always my favorite! The quilt is pretty small, a wallhanging or baby size. I did a couple of things with this quilt I have never tried before: spray baste. I really liked how easy it was (no back ache from leaning over the floor to pin), and that you  don’t have to remove pins as you sew. That would be especially nice with free motion quilting so you don’t have to  break your rhythm to take out pins. The disadvantage of spray baste is having a place to do it safely without making a mess but still clean enough to lay out the quilt parts.

Coastal quilt by Sharon McConnell using Coastline Fabrics by Art Gallery Fabrics

The other thing I did that is new to me is an overall spiral quilting pattern. I started with a circle in the center (I believe I remember this technique is from Christa Watson‘s book) and just kept my presser foot against the previous stitch line and went round and round (and round and round…). I love the texture and look of it!

Unfortunately, I am nowhere near any beautiful, sunny coastal location for fitting photos, but I did brave the cold for photos of my quilt at a nearby park (on a rare sunny day!). I love how the colors and fabric shine with the sun and blue sky. These fabrics are so beautiful! Great work, Sharon Holland!


4 thoughts on “Coastline Fabrics Blog Tour, My Curvalicious Quilt

  1. Michele T says:

    Your quilt really shows off all the beautiful prints in this collection!!! I’m not anywhere near the coast nor warm temperatures… In fact, we just moved a ton of snow!!

  2. Sharon Holland says:

    Once again you created such a beautiful new quilt design! I love how all the prints and colors play so nicely together. Thanks so much for being part of the Coastline Blog Tour Sharon! ???????????????????????????????????????? fantastic job! ????????????

  3. Allison CB says:

    Really beautiful – lovely job!!

  4. Judy says:

    This quilt looks great! I’d love to make this!! Thanks for sharing and it looks great against the snow.

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