Play Time quilt by Sharon McConnell with Tri-Rec ruler tool by EZ quilting,
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Play Time Quilt Finished!

Play Time quilt by Sharon McConnell with Tri-Rec ruler tool by EZ quilting,

Last week I showed you this quilt in progress….and I am so happy to have it finished already. I made this quilt to test out the Tri-Rec tool ruler by EZ quilting. The pattern will be included when you purchase the tool, so look for the new packaging including this quilt later in 2016.  EZ quilting tools are available at craft stores (like Joann here in the US) or quilting stores.

Play Time quilt by Sharon McConnell with Tri-Rec ruler tool by EZ quilting,

The quilt is a throw or child size, so it is quick to sew up. I like how the Tri Rec tool can be used to cut different size pieces, so you could change the size of the quilt by cutting pieces bigger or smaller without doing the math to figure cutting sizes for half rectangle triangles or triangles.

You know I am not super confident in my free motion quilting skills, but I went for it on this and did a meander stitch through the diamond shapes (it’s simple, I know, but progress for me). It is far from perfect but I like how it turned out.

Play Time quilt by Sharon McConnell with Tri-Rec ruler tool by EZ quilting,

The backing is a jersey knit print, and I have never used knit on a quilt before. While it is harder to quilt because of the weight and also harder to keep smooth, I like how it finished because it is so soft. The quilt feels extra heavy and cozy, too.

This was one of my winter break project goals to finish, and I made it! We spent this week in the Southwest visiting family and I brought it along for some pretty pictures in the desert.

I hope you all had a happy New Year holiday. Looking forward to big quilty ideas in 2016.


11 thoughts on “Play Time Quilt Finished!

  1. ChristaQuilts says:

    I love this design and your quilting for it is just peachy!! Way to go 🙂

  2. Velda says:

    I started one based on the picture last week because I already have the rulers/tools. I choose 4inch strips to cut my shapes from and went more scrappy, but lots of variations on 4 colours. I love your patterns because they always turn out great. This one is no exception. Your machine quilting looks pretty fine to me.

  3. Jacqueline Skarritt says:

    As usual, your colors are luscious…… Makes me think of a warm spring day when everything is just starting to bloom. So enjoy seeing all your new creations and I think the quilting is perfect for this!

  4. Helen LeBrett says:

    I love how the colors you used look so pretty with the grey background. Great quilt! It’s fun to see how you set the triangles to make diamonds, and how you off-set them. Great quilt! Hugs, H

  5. Cathy K says:

    Your quilt is absolutely delightful! So bright and cheery. I love it. Just this week I’ve been working on blocks where the Tri-Rec ruler was recommended for cutting. After doing those blocks (without the ruler) and seeing your lovely quilt, I know I must get one! I’m officially smitten with triangles. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Aliya Bollaski says:

    The designs are outstanding, so traditional and so unique, Though I was busy in checking ccl 2016 match schedule but the color combinations of these quilt attracts me a lot. thank you for sharing. bravo..

  7. John Snow says:

    Believe me your work is really awesome i found your website from Thai Lottery 123 but can you share latest color of these product ?

  8. I really like your work but you can’t uploading new pics of your work

  9. Danish Ejaz says:

    An amazing piece of work I found over internet. A facebook page of apkpassion is sharing your designs which i came to know 🙂

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