Windy City Bags, book by Sara Lawson
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Recommended Reading: Windy City Bags

Windy City Bags, book by Sara Lawson

I was lucky enough to get my hands on a copy of Sara Lawson’s brand new sewing book, Windy City Bags, and I thought I would tell you bit of my thoughts about it.

I have a love-hate relationship with the Purse. I am constantly torn between the need to carry my essential stuff (credit cards, phone, lip balm, nail clippers…) but really hate carrying a purse. This is an especially real problem now that I am in school since I have a book bag and often art supplies to haul around too.

Long story start: I currently carry a woefully inadequate wallet “purse” that is nice to fit inside my book bag but a pain that I have to carry my phone separately (blast the ginormous iPhone 6!!).

Long story finish: I am super excited that Sara’s book as an awesome looking backpack…

Windy City Bags, book by Sara Lawson

How about perfect for my laptop and drawing book (plus wallet, phone, etc) on school days, and I can wear it on my back while I carry my art supplies! I am so excited about this. No more book bag plus art bag (last semester on project days, I felt like a mule carrying all my goods). I read through the pattern and I think I can pull it off (feeling pretty ambitious to break into this level of 3-D sewing, but my mom is coming to visit and will hold my hand). I even ordered some cute Cloud9 canvas from Hawthorne Threads.

Windy City Bags, book by Sara Lawson

You can tell I am excited about the backpack, but Windy City Bags has other beautiful projects, too. There are 12 different purse and bag pattens all together…quite a good selection. Another I like is this rather deep-looking tote…great for magazines or hand sewing at soccer practice with the kids.

Windy City Bags, book by Sara Lawson

You can tell I like utility style bags, and so I am also interested in this duffel. I previously made Sara’s Aeroplane bag, it’s kind of like a duffel, and I love it. I cannot believe how much stuff it holds!

Anyway, 2016 might be my year for expanding my sewing horizons. If you are interested in trying out bag-making, Windy City Bags has a lot to offer.


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