Easy diamond pieced patchwork quilt by Sharon Mcconnell
Work in progress

Quickie Quilt with EZ Quilting Tri-Rec

Tri Recs ruler by Ez quilting

It feel so good to be sewing again! Last Saturday I told you about a brand new quilt project using new fabrics from Art Gallery…but I had to interrupt that beauty for a minute to do another. I have avoided taking on “commitment” projects the last few months because of school, but I was thrilled to accept the offer from EZ quilting to make a quilt with their Tri-Recs tool during my winter break.

Easy diamond pieced quilt by Sharon McConnell, pets on quilts

I already owned the EZ dresden plate ruler, but I had no idea they had so many different shapes of tools! I am excited to try out a few others, but first I am making this easy diamond quilt. I love the bright colors and simple design…really fun and easy to sew, which is good because I have to get it done and in the mail this week.

Easy diamond pieced patchwork quilt by Sharon Mcconnell

I finished the whole top in just three days (which is super fast for me, being a slow sewer and having two active boys, dogs…) and now am on to quilting. This is going to be free pattern that comes with the Tri-Rec tool, so watch your local craft and quilt shops in 2016. I would like to do some more designs with this, what do you think?

Black labrador puppy with tennis ball

On a personal note, for those following here for awhile you remember last summer I brought home a tiny black puppy. Emma is already seven months old and looking so grown up! She has been a delightful addition to our family, always active and busy but sweet as can be.

Merry Christmas to all!


15 thoughts on “Quickie Quilt with EZ Quilting Tri-Rec

  1. Velda says:

    I’m definitely going to make this for my 2nd modern(ish) quilt. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Carol says:

    I have this ruler set — but I haven’t used it yet. I would love to use it with this pattern … and to see more patterns for it too. Glad to hear it was quick! I have 3 young boys, and so quick projects are good for me too.

  3. Jacqueline Skarritt says:

    Love your quilt! Have the trir recs but haven’t used them so your creation is inspiration! Love your puppy too…. We had a black lab mix….. BEST. DOG. EVER. I’m sure Emma has become an indispensable part of your family!

  4. Karen M says:

    The Tri Rec tool has been on my wish list for a while. Love the bold geometric look with such a simple design. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Anne says:

    Very nice use of the ruler. I have triangle quilts on my list for 2016. Hope to explore a few different ones.

  6. Paulette says:

    What a cute quilt, and I love the photo of your sweet pooch with it! You know, I’ve had this tool for many years but haven’t made anything much with it. Forgot the reason I had to have it, to begin with, but now I’m glad I do. Would love to try this quilt sometime.

  7. ChristaQuilts says:

    I love the tri recs tools! Great design!

  8. Sharon says:

    What a fun fabrics — love the bright colors! Beautiful job! Enjoy your down time!

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