black and white and colorful quilt by Jackie Kunkel, pattern in book, "splash of color"
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Recommended Reading: Splash of Color!

black and white and colorful quilt by Jackie Kunkel, pattern in book, "splash of color"

There is a new quilt pattern book for quilters now available, and it is different than everything we have seen recently. Splash of Color was written by Jackie Kunkel (owner of shop Canton Village Quilt Works) and offers a feast of fun patterns for quilters of all styles. (keep reading, you have a chance to win an E-copy of the book!)

The concept of Splash of Color is combining black and white fabrics as “neutrals” with brightly colored prints. You won’t find a quilt in this book made from a single designer collection, no trendy stuff…just classic-style quilts perfect for using your favorite scraps and stash (or you favorite designer collection, too)!

black and white and colorful quilt by Jackie Kunkel, pattern in book, "splash of color"

What stands out to me about these patterns and the black/white/bright color scheme is that it is perfect for people who don’t feel confident about choosing colors/prints or using bright colors in their quilts. Here is the secret: this scheme is 100% goof proof! Push your color boundaries and take the “anything goes” leap of faith, and your quilt will look fabulous if you follow Jackie’s suggestions.

Many of the quilt patterns also come with an image for an alternate look, so you can get an idea how the quilt might look in different colors, fabrics, or a more subdued palette.

I think that making a quilt like this is such a great exercise for anyone feeling “in a rut”. The black and white plus bright quilts are so refreshing and fun to make (and make a dent in your stash), they look great finished…and the process will free your mind to try other new design/color/print projects. If you aren’t crazy about black, try replacing the black and white prints with “low volume” prints, the brighter fabrics will still stand out.

black and white and colorful quilt by Jackie Kunkel, pattern in book, "splash of color"

It is hard to choose a favorite, but I think I have to say “lava lamps”, above, is my favorite quilt in the book. Impressive, right?

Splash of Color is available from Canton Village Quilt Works, Amazon, and, most likely, your local book and craft stores.

You can win a digital copy of the at each stop, too. To enter here, leave a comment on this post: tell me, what is your favorite color combination in quilts?

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96 thoughts on “Recommended Reading: Splash of Color!

  1. Melody Lutz says:

    Dark blues, greens and purples!

  2. Dawn Nelson says:

    I always lean toward cool tones.

  3. Diane says:

    It used to be shades of purples but I am venturing out into orange, red, yellow. Thanks!

  4. Kirsten Y says:

    So many colour combinations and so little time! I think my favourite colour combination in a quilt is blue and white, but black and white with splashes of colour is right up there.

  5. jamee says:

    i prefer scrappy!

  6. Linda S. says:

    Blues and greens are my favorites.

  7. Carol says:

    I like orange and blue…and green and blue.

  8. Donna W says:

    This book looks fantastic! Shades of blues and greens are my favorites.

  9. Lily Kamikhara says:

    blue and green are my favorite color combination. It reminds me of the ocean.

  10. Lisa E says:

    I love rainbow quilts which is why this book looks so great to me! She put together some very cool patterns.

  11. Béatrice says:

    I like pink & purple.

  12. Kathy Billings says:

    I like working with blue and red

  13. Mum bird says:

    Love purples and teals…awesome book!

  14. Stephanie Hanson says:

    I love corally pink and shades of aqua.

  15. Julie in GA says:

    My favorite color scheme seems to change on a regular basis. I have been making rainbow quilts for the past couple of years, and I would love to win Jackie’s book for some new design ideas.

  16. Margaret Schindler says:

    I love red and aqua

  17. April says:

    Lately I’ve been wanting to make a purple, lime green and turquoise quilt. Both of my daughters would love it as much as I would.

  18. Lou says:

    My next quilt is black and turquoise:)

  19. gayle says:

    My favorite color combination is ALL of them! Love a quilt that’s just all colors dancing – seeing these quilts with black and white for neutrals is very inspiring!

  20. Claire Ross says:

    I love using pastel colours x

  21. Margaret Griffiths says:

    Anything really, but color combos that are rich, bright and happy.

  22. Terri says:

    I like jewel tones, both warm & cool. I’m going to add some black in my next quilt to give it a little more pop.

  23. Marilyn Kay says:

    Interested in using b and w with colors. Last time I did, one of the fabrics bled, even though the test didn’t, so I’ve been shy about black ever since. Time to get over my hesitance.

  24. Nicole says:

    Rainbows, orange and blue, grey and yellow. Not beige. Never beige.

  25. Beverly says:

    Black and White with Rainbow colors

  26. linda newman says:

    Blue and white is my favorite color combination, but I also like the contemporary fresh combo of aqua, rosy pink and white.

  27. Donna N. says:

    I tend to use blues and greens, but I have been doing a lot of scrappy quilts lately.

  28. Karen says:

    I love black and white with red accents!

  29. Kathy h says:

    My usual favorite is red, white and blue. But I love these rainbow,black and white quilts.

  30. Sallie says:

    Blue and white

  31. Karen says:

    This has been my season for green and purple.

  32. Pamela R says:

    I’m big into indigo, aqua and white just now.

  33. Marianne says:

    I really don’t have a favorite color combination. I do a lot of scrap quilts. But whatever strikes my fancy at the moment.

  34. MoeWest says:

    I like teal with a limey green.

  35. Susan P says:

    I love all color combinations. Currently I’m working on pillows with Christmas themed fabrics, so this week I would say it’s red, green and white, if I’d have to choose.

  36. Lynn says:

    At the moment I am loving blue and green

  37. Cathy says:

    aqua and geranium!

  38. Cyndy Knapp says:

    My current color combination for quilts is teal and purple. The book looks great. Thanks for sharing with us.

  39. jane says:

    There are few colors I don’t like. Right now, I’m liking orange, yellow & pinks.

  40. kathy pfaltzgraff says:

    Color always makes a quilt come alive for me, combinations vary with the seasons, so oranges for Halloween or reds and greens for the holidays. Kathy in Colo

  41. Tonya Flores says:

    My kids are each assigned a color (by me) at birth. So I work in their color pallets a lot! Pink, blue and purple right now!

  42. Judy Forkner says:

    I have been a fan of red-violet with yellow-green for quite some time. I’m also having fun playing with the favorite colors of my grand children–blue for my grand daughter & red for my grand son. I also love the bright colors!

  43. Cathy Wilson says:

    For a quilt for myself,I’d choose shades of teal, rust, and cream. I’ve been patiently gathering those for my bedroom quilt which is low on my list of things to complete right now. I’d love to win this book!

  44. Gloria says:

    My favourite combination is blue and white – I have to really work hard at choosing other colours for something to keep for myself!

  45. Karen Thurn says:

    I’m starting a black/white and yellow quilt next. But after seeing these beautiful quilts I just might have to add more colors!! I do think I need more color in my life!!

  46. Erin Hutchinson says:

    The scrappier the better is my motto, so I don’t really have a favorite color combo unless I can say “scrappy!”

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