summer vacation in Colorado, biking
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How I Spent My Summer Vacation

summer vacation in Colorado, biking

I hope you don’t mind indulging me in a bit of a more personal post. Today is the last Sunday of my summer “vacation”. My kids went back to school last week, but I start this Tuesday…I was accepted to the design (visual communications) first year course study at Ohio State. While I am super excited by all that I will surely learn, it’s kind of scary, too.

Tipsy Quilt by Color girl quilts

This has been probably the most wonderful summer of my recent memory, and the experience has taught me a great lesson. More on that in a minute.

My family and I had the opportunity to spend four weeks in the mountains above Breckinridge, Colorado. You may have noticed a different flare to the photos of my recent posts (Little Bikini Quilt, Tipsy, and Dutch Windmill quilt). I took all of these quilts as “in progress” and finished them while on vacation, so it was extra fun to take pretty pictures!

Colorado Sunset and moon

I have never taken an extended vacation like this, and it was made even sweeter by having my mom and brother come visit us the first week, as well as having in-laws renting a place nearby…this gave me many a free night from cooking and kids as my boys preferred to “sleep over” at Grandma’s.

We had just gotten a new labrador puppy, Emma, before the trip, so there was a bit of juggling with keeping track of her (and avoiding chewing and potty accidents in a rental home) as well as Cleo and helping her make the adjustment to having a puppy trying to give her kisses all day long and generally violating her personal space.

hiking the Colorado Rockies

I have to admit it is really hard to come back to the real world after a summer like this. I miss morning walks with the dogs in the meadow, seeing my kids overcome their inertia to go for a hike or bike ride (often forced by me) and then having a blast climbing every rock with their cousin, pedaling all the way to the end, or chasing Emma the entire time.

What did I learn (or at least had a good reminder) from this experience? Good Attitude goes a long way. Flexibility is crucial.

I was not super thrilled about going on the trip to start out with. It seemed like a huge hassle to pack stuff and prepare to be away for a month, my husband wasn’t going to be there the whole time because he had to come home to work. My kids are in kind of icky stages as far as their attitude about doing much other than video games, and plans to leave the puppy with friends fell through, so it was pretty daunting to think of taking her with us.

Dutch Windmill quilt pattern by color girl using Free Spirit Fabrics

After all of that, here I am saying it was the best summer I can remember!  I feel like I am blessed with a generally positive and “go-to” attitude…I didn’t let my kids’ complaining get me down, I just made them get going and we all ended up having fun and seeing awesome sites. We minimized the puppy destruction by being extra active to keep her busy and tired…and we all benefitted from that!

As I start my classes this fall, while I am nervous about being able to succeed at my assignments while juggling home and family (and continuing to quilt and exercise as much as I can), I feel more excited to learn and grow! I will try always to keep a good attitude and do my best. My kids are probably really tired of me telling them to do the same (-:

I hope you all had a wonderful summer…some of you are probably lucky enough to not have it end! I am so grateful for each of your comments on blog posts and for buying my patterns. Let’s see where this new adventure takes us!


6 thoughts on “How I Spent My Summer Vacation

  1. Karen says:

    Good luck with your studies….my first thought was that you could probably teach them a few things! (Don’t lose the You in the things they are teaching)

  2. Lisa E says:

    Thanks for such an uplifting post. Made me think about myself. Good luck with your studies; I KNOW you will do well!

  3. Jacqueline Skarritt says:

    Your vacation sounds like it was a real bonding experience for your family (and puppy!) And what a beautiful setting to create such special memories… Good luck with your upcoming studies… What an exciting challenge!

  4. Helen LeBrett says:

    Sharon, What an idyllic summer!! It looks like it was a truly splendid month and will be a stand out memory for your whole family. So glad you went ahead and did it even though the prep for it was daunting (I an surely understand that!!) “-) Thanks for sharing with us the lessons you learned: I certainly need to remember them! Good luck going back to school: I hope you will still have time to design quilts: you certainly have a talent for it! Hugs, H in Healdsburg

  5. Chris jurd says:

    Good luck with your course. You sure will be busy!

  6. Susan in Dublin says:

    Sounds like a good summer. Great for kids to get into a new place for a time. Your school adventure sounds great, looking forward to qreading what your courses are like. I’m sure you will be able to incorporate your creative quilting along the way,

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