Aviatrix medallion modern patchwork quilt by Sharon McConnell
Aviatrix Medallion Quilt

Finished Aviatrix Medallion Quilt

Aviatrix medallion modern patchwork quilt by Sharon McConnell

I know what you are thinking…”it’s about time this quilt top is finished!”. I am so happy to finally have my Aviatrix Medallion quilt finished, because it kind of feels like I’ve been plodding along forever.

Medallion quilts are a pretty fun interval project…something to sew on off and on between other quilts  and that is how I have done this: one border at a time, maybe once a month or so.

Aviatrix medallion modern patchwork quilt by Sharon McConnell

The Aviatrix pattern is by Elizabeth Hartman (buy her patterns Here from Canton Village Quilt Works). I made some changes to the  design to fit my taste, as well as some necessary adjustments to keep measurements accurate so the borders would fit.

I love all the fabrics and colors in this and how cheerful and fresh the finished top is. I started out with fabric prints by Vanessa Christensen (Moda) and used those as a jumping off point for colors throughout. I love that this was made with so many prints from my stash…the only piece I bought was the gray pin dot for the X and Plus blocks, so I would have enough to do them all the same.

Aviatrix medallion modern patchwork quilt by Sharon McConnell

This top is Huge! close to 80″ square, so it wasn’t easy getting pictures (-: I am going to have a local long-arm quilter do this one for me…I just don’t have it in me (or time right now) to quilt it myself.

Read other posts about this quilt in progress and my changes, Here.


13 thoughts on “Finished Aviatrix Medallion Quilt

  1. Emily says:

    Wooh! It’s a beauty, I really like the blue elements in the x + border, it makes the other borders ping 🙂

  2. Mary says:

    Another beauty, Sharon. Your work is exquisite, and your color choices are phenomenal!

  3. sharon holland says:

    Spectacular! The quilt turned out great. I think all your choices were perfect and well thought out.

  4. Brianna says:

    The finished top looks awesome! So bright and colourful. It was fun to follow along as you added each border.

  5. Ruth says:

    Congratulations its fab. i really like the darker blues and greys in the x+ blocks – they draw me into the centre!

  6. Peggy Terzian says:

    Persistence pays off! What great inspiration for us-thank you for sharing this. Can’t wait to see it quilted!

  7. Gigi Voegeli says:

    Love it! I really like how you did the colors in the center medallion, with the outer part of the design in lighter shades.

  8. Jacqueline Skarritt says:

    IT IS STUNNING!! I love the choice of colors. It is my favorite of all the Aviatrix Medallion quilts so far!

  9. amy says:

    OMG!! Beautiful!!! I will have to get brave and do this!!!!!!!

  10. Kath S says:

    WOW! The colors you used just go together so well. Amazing! I like your quilt better than the original. WOW!

  11. Helen LeBrett says:

    Love it!! The colors and fabrics you choose are so fresh and clean looking: it’s just a happy quilt!! Have you figured out what you want to do for the quilting? Hugs, H

  12. Pamela Lofgren says:

    Is this pattern available to purchase?

  13. Is there a pattern for the first border? Mom is wanting to do something like it for a table topper. Thanks in advance!

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