how to sew simple modern sampler quilt
Summer Blockbuster 2015

Blockbuster Quilt: Finishing the Sampler Blocks

how to sew simple modern sampler quilt

Welcome to week three of the Summer Blockbuster quilt, 2015 edition. Last week I published the cutting instructions and first sewing step to get started setting our sampler quilt blocks together. This week we are starting where we left off, with blocks that have the gray and white sashing strips on, ready to add the blue half-square triangles.

1. Place one sampler block on the design surface face up. Place one navy blue 2 5/8″ square (right sides facing) so that it covers one corner where the gray and white sashing meet:

how to sew simple modern sampler quilt

2. Mark the diagonal of the blue square from upper left to lower right (as shown in photo above, I folded the square and pinched it to make a crease). Sew on the marked line.

**Since we have to make lots of these units, you might like the technique I show in this tutorial on flying geese. The technique is the same for adding corners like this.

3. After the square is sewn across the diagonal, trim the excess fabric 1/4″ outside the seam:

how to sew simple modern sampler quilt

4. Open and press the seam. This forms the triangle that covers the corner of the block.

5. Rotate the block and add a second triangle to the opposite corner where the gray and white sashing meet:

how to sew simple modern sampler quilt

6. Repeat these steps for all of your blocks. If you are sewing along with me, you will make 72 for the larger quilt, or 36 for the smaller quilt. Press well.

Blocks should measure 8 1/2″ square. Yours might be a different measurement if you are using your own orphan blocks.

Happy Sewing!



4 thoughts on “Blockbuster Quilt: Finishing the Sampler Blocks

  1. Beth Arcuri says:

    I really love how these triangles look on your quilt! Unfortunately, I wasn’t following and am just now figuring out there’s a really great QAL that I’m missing out on. It looks like you’re being nice enough to leave tutorials available so I might just try it on my own. I do really love your blocks and how the quilt looks!

  2. Jacqueline Skarritt says:

    I have so enjoyed following your posts on this QAL. Your block instructions are terrific and the end results (almost!) are spectacular! I will definitely join in if you do another Quilt Along!

  3. Velda Roy says:

    Almost caught up again. My quilt has 35 blocks, laid out 5 blocks across and 7 blocks down. I decided to make sashing strips 2″ wide so blocks are 91/4 unfinished. Once I get the final 12 corner blocks on, I may trim the blocks back to 9″. I love it. It’s so bright and colourful. I hand quilt so will be a while before its done. #wipwednesday if you want to take a peek.

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