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Quilts: What’s New and Next

kona cotton solid fabrics

Although I haven’t quite caught up on all my quilts in progress (that will probably never happen!), I have been having a bit of fun recently with color. Beth, the owner of Stash Fabrics, asked some quilters to create their own bundle of kona cotton solids. Naturally, I was happy to play around with the colors (there are over 300! and Stash carries them all) and came up with this pretty color wheel of 15.

There is a neat feature on the Stash fabrics website, the “design wall”, which allows you to paste fabrics you like and then see how they look together and mix and match colors before you buy. I can see how you could lose a lot of time on that! I used the design wall to choose my fabrics, and I loved how I could choose a whole bunch, then move them around and add and subtract until I had the combo I like best. Would be a fun way to mix prints, too, if you are shopping for a specific quilt.

Polka dot bikini quilt curved piecing blocks

I recently decided to make small versions of the quilts I have as printed patterns available wholesale to shops. I am hoping this allows me to more conveniently offer them as samples to shops interested in trunk shows or samples. I finished a little Eclipse quilt recently, and now I am going to use my solids bundle from Stash to make another Polka Dot Bikini quilt. I know this is crazy. It is a challenging quilt to make, but I am having fun with it so far…have these four pink squares started.

My Kona solids bundle is available to buy from Stash fabrics, click here. They also have a fabulous selection of my favorite basic polka dots, “ta dot” by Michael Miller fabrics. Shop for those, Here.

Happy home fabrics by Art gallery fabrics

Since my kids finished school two weeks ago, sewing time has been a bit scarce, but I did manage to finish my quilt with the Happy Home fabrics (Art Gallery Fabrics). Read my post on these fabrics, Here. You can win a bundle of the Happy Home fabrics on the Art Gallery website, click here to enter (giveaway ends June 22).

This is a seriously cute collection of prints! I am really tickled with that scallop stripe for the binding. It is actually a bias stripe, but since I cut my binding strips on bias, it looks straight on my quilt. This quilt is headed off to the UK for Quilt Now magazine, so I will share more on this later. (if you are interested in how I sew my binding, check this tutorial) Watch for the fabrics just arriving in stores now.

Happy Weekend.


5 thoughts on “Quilts: What’s New and Next

  1. karen campos says:

    I love the rug! The giant pom poms are you just too cute

  2. Pam says:

    Mini quilts are so popular. Great idea.

  3. rosa says:

    Both proyecta are justo stunning!

  4. sue says:

    The rug is just great

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