how to choose color and fabric for quilts
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For the Love of Fabric: Doe

how to choose color and fabric for quilts

Yes, I drank the kool-aid. I now have some Doe fabric by Caroline Friedlander in my stash and even already have big plans for a new quilt with it. If you have been away from quilting social media for a few months, here is the update: Doe has been one of the hottest fabric items and highly anticipated collection among modern quilters of late. As you would expect from Caroline, Doe is a beautiful collection of simple geometric prints in useable colors and scale.

Here is what I like about it: it doesn’t even need to be a collection! Each of the prints are essentially neutral, perfect for use with a variety of colors and prints, all together or split apart. There is a great selection of light fabrics, including white on white, blue on white and a creamy light yellow. You could grab all the light fabrics in Doe and have a fabulous instant stash of low volume fabrics.

This is a great follow up to Caroline’s first collection and instant classic of two years ago: Architextures. They show off her background as an architect and her taste for minimalist mid-century style. For someone who likes to use prints even as “backgrounds”, I see lots of potential in these.

how to choose color and fabric for quilts

The Doe fabrics are beautiful with another new collection from Art Gallery Fabrics, Recollection by Katerina Roccella and the newest Art Gallery basic, Prisma Elements. I like how these fabrics are similar in color to the Doe prints but bring some brightness to the mix. These would make a great start to a quilt in a gold, teal and white palette.

how to choose color and fabric for quilts

This is me being very predictable: Alison Glass sunprints (if you are new to this space, I have a real thing for Alison Glass’s fabrics). The colors in these 2015 Sunprints are absolutely dead on with the Doe fabrics, and another way to continue the original color palette of the Doe Fabrics. I like this grouping because so many of the fabrics “read as solid”. You could do some great piecing with these prints without losing detail to the busy-ness of the fabrics.

how to choose color and fabric for quilts

When I started considering solids or neutrals to pair with Doe, I was pretty much taken with my Blue Drawer. I love the way the orange and gold, not to mention the black and white, look with these watery blues. The solids shown in the photo above are RJR cotton supreme, left to right: blue bayou, beach house, seaglass, twilight, and tiffany box.

how to choose color and fabric for quilts

This might be the most “me” combo of all: take away the gold and orange and add PINK! These muted shades of fuchsia are just the right pop with the blues, grays and whites of Doe. I could see myself adding these pinks in the quilt I have planned for Doe. Now to finish up some other things so I can play with these beauties!


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5 thoughts on “For the Love of Fabric: Doe

  1. Yvonne @ Quilting Jetgirl says:

    I don’t think you can go wrong with either Alison Glass or Caroyln Friedlander fabrics, and I like the pairings you created with their new collections. The last grouping is really lovely (and I am not a pink person)!

  2. Ruth says:

    I loved achitextures and have been wishing for Doe for a while now! I really like your Alison Glass prints with it.

  3. Brianna says:

    I love your colour combinations. I usually like to mix and match prints from different collections, but Caroline Friedlander (along with V & Co.) design collections that I want all of. These are nice ways to mix all the great prints in the collections. I like the gold, teal and white palette the best.

  4. Stephane says:

    I can’t believe I never realized they’re the same colors! And guess what, I’m pretty sure Maureen Cracknell’s new line, Wild and Free, fits right in too.

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