Tula Pink City sampler modern six inch quilt blocks
book club 2014-2015, Work in progress

February Book Club: Four Tula Pink 100 Blocks

Tula Pink City sampler modern six inch quilt blocks

February Quilters’ Book Club! This makes me very happy because it means we are one month closer to spring! It also means we have four more blocks done for our Quilters’ Book Club sampler quilt for this year. Each month I am making four blocks from Tula Pink’s City Sampler: 100 Modern Quilt Blocks, plus four that I design myself (see past months Here) with the shape of the month. My fabrics are primarily from the Figures collection designed by Zen Chic for Moda Fabrics (Autumn 2014)

I decided this month to do blocks with Rectangles. There are lots of them in the book, both in the actual rectangle chapter and also in the “haiku” chapter, which is all blocks using a variety of shapes. I chose to sew blocks #16, 27, 98, and 99.

Tula Pink City sampler modern six inch quilt blocks

To be really honest, I am not really crazy about the “haiku” blocks in the book. They seem a bit too disorganized to me, so I altered blocks 98 and 99 a bit (even though they are among the least “disorganized”).

For block #98 (the upper right corner in photo above) I eliminated one small square and instead sewed the dark blue strip as all one piece. I fudged a bit on the others, too, to fit what I wanted for my quilt. That is the absolute beauty of making a really simple quilt like this: the blocks are basic enough that you have some flexibility in making them “your own”.

In my mind, I am thinking about how all my blocks will go together in the finished quilt, so I might change one a bit to feel like it hangs with the others. I am also considering my choice to limit the colors to light blue, dark blue, pink and yellow with the occasional gray. If a block has too many pieces for me to work out an arrangement I like with my colors, I alter a bit.


For example, on block 99, I decided  to straighten up the cross shape made with the yellow strips (purple on the book block). For me this fit with the looks I want for my quilt. Throughout this series, I have also redistributed the colors and fabrics in my own way. I think a lot of the fun in quilting, even if I am following a pattern, is to use my imagination for colors, value and fabrics I like.

Throughout this week I will be publishing my four Rectangle blocks, with instructions for you to sew along.

Happy February, and here’s to an early spring!


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  1. Valerie says:

    I love your colors for this quilt- very Springy! You have a lot of patience to make all those fussy little blocks.

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