Aviatrix Medallion quilt, pieced quilt borders, star quilt
Aviatrix Medallion Quilt, Work in progress

Aviatrix Quilt: The Second Border

Aviatrix Medallion quilt, pieced quilt borders, star quilt

It took a bit of deciding on how to sew the second border on my Aviatrix Medallion quilt, but in the end I went to with black and blue. **See details on my center star, Here, and the first border, Here**

I had to alter the pattern again for this border in order to keep my measurements workable. My second border, with the row of blue squares, is actually meant to be the border after the X and Plus blocks, but I reversed them and put the row of squares on first. I really like how the darker blue in this border brings out the same shade in the center star. The dark blue also combines with the black crosshatch to create a nice frame for the center and first border.

Aviatrix Medallion quilt, pieced quilt borders, star quilt

It was bit of a hard decision to  add that black….I wasn’t sure if it would be too harsh next to the bright orange and pink in the strip border, and I almost switched it for a blue fabric. In the end, I took a leap of faith and went for black and I’m glad I did.

Those black borders finish at just 1/2″ wide and the blue squares in this border are 1 1/4″. This brings my quilt to 40 1/2″ at it’s current point, which is exactly what I needed for the X and Plus blocks, since they are 8″ finished.

It will be fun to get started on the next border, I love seeing how this project evolves at it grows!

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**note: the Aviatrix Medallion pattern is by Elizabeth Hartman, and is available from my sponsor, Canton Village Quilt Works

9 thoughts on “Aviatrix Quilt: The Second Border

  1. Ruth says:

    Looks great and you are right it does pull out the centre star colour really well.

  2. carla bynum says:

    Hi!!!! It has turned out really beautiful!!!! I love it!!!!

  3. Brianna says:

    nice addition! The tiny blue squares are reminding me of something and I just can’t put my finger on it. Maybe glass tiles on pretty kitchen backsplashes.

  4. Rachaeldaisy says:

    Bringing the blues and black in for this border looks great. It ties in the center and makes the orange border pop as well. It’s all looking wonderful!

  5. Lace Faerie says:

    I love your fabric choices! It’s gorgeous!
    I would love to hear more about your decision process. Did you pre-select the all fabrics? Are you winging it within a set scope of fabrics on hand?

  6. amira says:

    Just gorgeous! I love the colour choices!!

  7. Esther says:

    That is one gorgeous aviatrix quilt top!

  8. Rachel says:


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