Home Sewing Book and patterns by Sweetwater

Sew Your Home…A Giveaway!

Home Sewing Book and patterns by Sweetwater

What’s New? The biggest thing for me right now is starting college classes…I am studying art with the hope of improving my skills as a designer. The idea of going back to college at my age is really daunting, especially now that I have two kids and I’m in charge of a household. The past week I have spent frantically (in a good way) working to finish up outside project commitments and “clear my plate” in preparation for dedicating my time to my classes. It has felt wonderful to drop huge loads of stuff at Goodwill and finish a quilt top and send it off for quilting (another pretty one for Quilt Now!).

Home Sewing Book and patterns by Sweetwater

It’s funny, as I set out to de-clutter my mind, I found myself very motivated to also de-clutter my home (anyone who knows me would agree I am not much of a housekeeper, so when the urge hits, it hits big!).

I can now see the floors of my kids’ closets, and my sewing room has a bit of breathing room as I put away fabric and things I am not currently using. Isn’t it amazing how stuff piles up…I am not the best at putting project materials away when I finish…

It feels like a fresh new start, and that includes quilting! I am getting back to work on my Aviatrix Medallion and plan to push myself to work on some other unfinished quilts and bits, too.

Home Sewing Book and patterns by Sweetwater

I have a few non-quilting projects that I cannot wait to get to, and that brings me to the giveaway. I have an extra copy of the book, “Simple Home” that I want to share with one of you readers. The book is by the ladies of Sweetwater, whose fabrics I absolutely adore. They design for Moda Fabrics and their style is just cute…lots of basic prints with stripes and dots, and liberal use of text and numbers. This book contains 35 projects for the home. There are some really cute quilts, but also other sewn items for every room: table linens, lampshade cover, journal and book covers, a calendar and lots more.

In the coming months, I really want to make new valances for my kids’ bedroom windows. The ones I made when they were babies aren’t quite right anymore. I also bought some really cute bicycle fabric to make big pillow covers for their playroom…boys don’t need much more than some big pillows to throw at each other! I also want to try some bags…those will take more courage, so stay tuned for that adventure.

If you are in the mood to Sew Your Home and are interested in this fun book of patterns, just leave a comment. Tell me what’s new and next for you! I will pick a winner on Sunday.

Wish me luck this week,


66 thoughts on “Sew Your Home…A Giveaway!

  1. Linda H says:

    What a nice giveaway, this books looks like it’s right up my style alley. Thanks

  2. Jane says:

    I totally enjoy sewing items for my home plus sending it out to the world wherever and whenever I can.
    Besides getting a quick community quilt finished this month I’d love to make a simplified table runner (my own concept) out of some of my blue scraps with a sprinkling of snowflakes scattered on top. Almost in the 1600 jellyroll race style background.
    This book looks like it may have many ideas for inspirations. Thanks for the chance.

  3. kris says:

    Congrats on going back to school. That is a huge step.
    I have only been back into quilting the last few years and while I have lots of quilts and make a few, I don’t really have much around my home that is me or says me. I would like to sew a quilt/comforter for my bedroom and spare room and put some things on the walls. I think Sew your home looks great.

  4. Cathy says:

    Good for you! You will do great in your art classes. I too need to declutter…but I have such a hard time letting anything go. This year I want to finish up as many unfinished projects as possible. I am also enjoying doing your Super Simple Blocks. Thanks for the great giveaway. Hugs

  5. Denise says:

    I’m attend a sewing class that has recently challenged us to finish our UFO’s. Currently I’m trying to finish a grandmothers flower garden that my grandmother and her sweet sister started. I’m so close to having it ready for the quilter and would love to start something simple or quick before finishing another UFO:)
    Thanks for doing the give away
    Great blog!

  6. Carol Viscarra says:

    Oh dear…you r on the same mission as I…what I refer to as..mucking out. I have discovered treasures I had forgotten I even had. Now I am additionally inspired to make a few items to just make my newly organized spaces really pop. I think that book is longing to come to my house!!!

  7. Sonya M says:

    My heart skipped a beat when I read that you had dropped huge loads of stuff off at Goodwill! I am also in the mood to rid my home of excess things… sounds very exciting to have less to worry about! I am finishing up a Christmas quilt I started a couple of months ago, and next up is a quilt for my cousin, whose father died recently. Thanks for the giveaway! This book looks awesome!

  8. Meredith E. says:

    Good for you for going back to school!
    I’m working on a jelly bean quilt for my little one for Easter and also some throw pillows for our bed. Among endless amounts of UFOs. 2015 has some big projects in store!

  9. Shauna says:

    Good luck with school, next/new for me is very little. I am working on being content where I am, but I do hope to master some new quilting skills like curved piecing.

  10. Carol says:

    I also love Sweetwater fabrics. As for what is new for me…not a lot. I did just join a finish along for the first time in hopes that I will be motivated to finish some quilts from last year.

  11. Melinda Warren says:

    I recently retired and have SOOO many projects on my wish list. Between three – soon to be four – grandkids, and the new freedom to sew / piece / quilt all week, I have a lifetime of ideas rolling around!

  12. Yvonne @ Quilting Jetgirl says:

    What a great way to declutter a bit. I plan on working on a new pattern in the next week or two. I hope that you can settle into a new routine with your schoolwork easily.

  13. Teri Townley says:

    I too have been trying a declutter method, filling one grocery sack a day for either trash or donation. It has been going pretty well, though I have missed a few days. My closets and dresser drawers are in pretty good shape now. soon need to move to the dreaded basement! I love Sweetwater fabric, love making curtains and pillows for my home, and would love to win this giveaway!! Good luck on your classes.

  14. Tracy H says:

    Sweetwater is a favorite! The book would be fun to have!

  15. Staci says:

    Congrats on going back to school! Good for you!
    Right now I’m trying to finish putting my Farmer’s Wife Quilt top together. Next up is Modern Building Blocks. I have fabric from my stash to use for it, just need to get it pressed so I can start playing with it. In between those two projects I need to make a curtain for the back door and one for the bathroom. Lots of happy sewing!

  16. LINDA says:

    Thanks for sharing a neat giveaway! I’m working on a valentine throw in reds+whites>so fun !

  17. Michele Timms says:

    Good luck in your studies!! Currently I am making a Dream Batik Quilt for the master bedroom… it is going to be gorgeous and the biggest quilt I have ever made!!

  18. Donna W says:

    Fantastic book and a great addition to anyone’s library. I need a new quilt for my family room. The old one is wearing out. Thanks

  19. Gunilla says:

    This year I am planing to do somethig about my UFO pile! It has addad up… Sewing from my stash is also a goal since the fabric piles also has grown substantially. I need to use some of it up!

  20. barbara woods says:

    making a baby quilt for a great grand due in April

  21. Tabitha Keener says:

    Thanks so much for the giveaway! I’m working on getting projects from Christmas finished or I’m trying to use up some orphan blocks and make them into pot holders. I’ve got about 7 tops I need to get basted and quilted too, so much to do right! I would love a copy of this, I’ve been wanting to make everything for my home since I learned to sew last year.


  22. Linda Brown says:

    What is next for me is to get the fabric together and to start a quilt for my nephew….

  23. Lori Morton says:

    Right now I am sewing things for a new Granbaby due in April! Am sooo excited! 🙂 Love to sew things for our Home, and as gifts for our grown Kiddo’s too…this book looks amazing! Thanks for chance to win it!! 🙂

  24. Celia Davis says:

    I am ready to start sewing the blocks for my granddaughter’s quilt. Each block will have 4 curved seams! I could use the book to relieve my stress. 🙂

  25. Linda says:

    Seems like the time of year to clear “stuff” out. I’m currently spending hours copying boxes and boxes of pictures to digital files…what do I do with 20 years of pictures of everything my 6 kids did? YIKES!!! To take my breaks, I run downstairs and work in my sewing room which currently needs straightening since I shoved everything over to fit in a twin bed for more space when the kids came home for Christmas. Looking forward to quilting and stitching loads more this year with two new grandbabies!

  26. Cindy says:

    Good luck with school. The book looks to be full of lovely patterns and useful additions to any home!

  27. Dawn Jones says:

    I am fairly new to sewing but have promised myself that I won’t be in this coming year. I can never get better if I don’t jump in and learn. I just finished a potholder (I messed up the binding), and will soon make another for practice. I am getting ready to sew some pet bedding for ferrets. I need to make my daughter a wallet. I am also currently loosing weight with good old fashioned exercise and sensible eating. My 40th birthday is in May, and loosing weight is the gift I am giving myself, although on many days I am not yet thanking myself, but I will. Have a wonderful day!

  28. Brianna says:

    Have fun making bags – that was the first thing I started sewing. I just wrote my first quilt pattern and I’m working on a new design.

  29. Melissa says:

    This year I am thinking of actually keeping up with writing a blog. If nothing more than to note my WIPs and projects I want to complete. Even if no one reads it, I will be a place for my stuff that would otherwise rattle around in my head!

  30. Janie says:

    I love quilting for my home. Thank you for the great giveaway. Good luck with your classes.

  31. Mary D says:

    I have so many things on my plate quilt wise I am waiting to exhale. Taking classes sounds like a blast. I miss that intellectual challenge. Enjoy your next phase.

  32. Margaret Schindler says:

    I am in the middle of redoing my home and this book looks so interesting

  33. Kim says:

    I am in desperate need of drapes for my family room, valences for the kitchen and drapes for the dining room. Thanks for sharing the book with us.

  34. Sandy says:

    I am determined to finish up a pile of WIPs before I start anything new.

  35. Patty says:

    I also love the fabrics from Sweetwater. Right now I am working on a quilt for my grandson’s new big boy bed.

  36. Diane says:

    I have enjoyed following you blog. Just getting back into sewing and learning how to quilt. Would love to receive this book to learn and get ideas

  37. Rhonda Desgranges says:

    Congrats on going back to school. Great giveaway. Thanks for the chance to win.

  38. Charlene Glover says:

    I want to make a chevron quilt for my daughter.

  39. Melanie N says:

    This book looks amazing. I love the front cover! New and next for me is an embroidered block by Kathy Schmidt. So fun!

  40. Chris says:

    I need valances for my Living Room. I haven’t been inspired by any fabric or idea yet. Maybe this book will do the trick.

  41. Béatrice says:

    I love Sweetwater and go to my new home next week end, perfect timing ! XXX

  42. Diane says:

    Congratulations on going back to school! Good luck with that! I am also working on decluttering but a little side tracked right now as I am going on a quilt retreat Thursday! Yea!

  43. Mary says:

    I spent yesterday clearing out medication bins of expired items. It felt good to declutter. i hear often about folks going back to school. I did…years ago when computers appeared in homes. I had already known how to type from my high school classes, it was just trying to understand the new beast with monitor! I still remember how nervous I was to go on campus. Fun fact…met some new friends doing same thing! Enjoy yourself…one life…do it!

  44. Sonja Mclane says:

    I had a dear friend ask me to make a real tree quilt for her son who is getting married in 3 months. I have only been quilting less than 2 years and have taught myself so it is a great honor!!!!!!!! sonjasmith76@yahoo.com

  45. Allison says:

    I am working on a wall hanging that I have wanted to do for two years – don’t know why I put it off. But with the plumber grinding away in the bathroom I was driven to something!!!! Nothing like a plumbing emergency to get you going on something!!!

  46. amy says:

    I’m a beginner-having made one rag quilt and just finished piecing my first top! Now I will take a class on binding!

  47. Gill says:

    This looks a great book – I love the Market Tote!
    I’m binding a baby quilt at the moment!

  48. Sarah says:

    Next for me is a pile of skirts for myself, and a new duvet cover for our bed. Thanks for the giveaway!

  49. Carol says:

    I have so many WIP’s and I can’t help starting new quilts!. I’m hoping to sew some things for my daughter’s new house including some Roman Blinds. Thanks for the giveaway!

  50. rosa says:

    I have tops waiting to be quilted and new is a litlle paper piecing block.The book looks great and the cover caught my eye!

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