black and white art study in contrast, collage
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In Other (Art) News: A Study in Contrast

black and white art study in contrast, collage

Happy Monday! First I wanted to announce the winner of last week’s book giveaway is Pam A. She said her favorite classic quilt block is Jacob’s Ladder. It was interesting reading the comments on that post, it seems the most popular classic quilt blocks in the group were log cabin and nine-patch. I think those have really stuck with us quilters because there are so many possibilities for unique designs with just those simple blocks.

I mentioned that I am going back to college, and I have successfully completed two weeks of classes. I am studying art at Ohio State University and love every minute! even more than I expected. I hope you will excuse the non-quilting post, but I wanted to share about a project I am working on for my 2D studio class. As you can see in the photo above, we are using collage to reproduce photographic images (actually photo-copied) in black and white. The main point is to pay close attention to contrast and range of black, gray and white. We are doing two pieces. I finished the first, which was using cuttings from pictures to re-create our image (everyone had to make copies of their hands for the original images).

black and white art study in contrast, collage

For my second piece, I must recreate another hand image, this time with clippings of text material. All black and white. I just started this one today and it is actually more challenging than I expected it to be.

It has been so interesting as I begin my classes to see the variety of personalities represented in the students and will be even more fun to see what everyone creates. This class is very small, only about 16 kids (plus me, the not-kid). Everyone had such a different take on this assignment and how and where to begin. I thought it was super fun going through magazines and cutting out pictures and happily got right to work (think summer camp arts and crafts, but it’s college!). Others were very hesitant to start and some just hate the assignment and are working begrudgingly.

I thought it was so cool that our first assignment felt very familiar to me: cutting larger materials into smaller pieces and then reassembling them, using value and pattern to create a new design or image. We were even encouraged to bring a rotary cutting board to class for working on since we are using exacto knives and whatnot (I am the only student who brought a mat).

black and white art study in contrast, collage

I am sneaking a bit of my quilt love into my pieces. Today I did the background for my text piece…cut black pieces and used the direction of the text to create a linear pattern in my black space. Did you notice in my top piece that the background for that one is like clamshells? (-:

As expected, contrast and value is important to the effectiveness of all kinds of art, including quilts. While I am challenged by the fact I cannot get the precision I want in works like these, I love the exercise in looking at images in greater detail and how to capture value and contrast for maximum effect.

Have a great week! Back to clipping for me,



3 thoughts on “In Other (Art) News: A Study in Contrast

  1. ChristaQuilts says:

    How cool! We will learn right along with you, LOL!!

  2. Susan Loretta says:

    Very cool project! What fun to be studying art! Being in school would be very challenging but what a great area of study for a person as creative as you. Best of luck!!

  3. Brianna says:

    That’s a good assignment. It’s funny how your experiences and skills in one area affect the way you approach something in another area. I do like those clamshells. They look precise to me!

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