star cross modern patchwork quilt using utopia fabric for art gallery fabrics by color girl quilts
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Oh, What Fun! Quilt Love 2014

Star Crossed scrappy modern Quilt by Color Girl, American Quilter Magazine Feature


It is almost a new year, and many are looking back at the year that was. Instagram is going crazy right now with “flipagrams” that make me dizzy to watch, mosaics of photos showing finished quilts, and hashtags for all the favorites.

It is so much fun to see all the creativity that the quilting world has produced in 2014, and I feel so blessed to have had a wonderful year dedicating much of my time to my love of quilting.

Hula Girl modern ring patchwork quilt, paper piecing, low volume

One of the things I set out to do at the beginning of 2014 was to get more creative with my photography. I think my blog posts and photography have really improved over the course of this year, and I have had a lot of fun searching for great photo ops for my quilts. Yes, I know how geeky that is, and I don’t mind at all! I now have a few favorite spots, and apparently I have been to the river boat house often enough that the staff recognize me. Once, a guy was out cleaning boats and he had parked a trailer in front of a stone wall that I like. He actually moved the trailer so I could take pictures. I didn’t even say a word to him! He just saw me and hustled up and did it.

Dutch Windmill quilt by Sharon McConnell, color girl quilts, modern patchwork, pinwheel quilt with scraps

We had a beautiful autumn and I was really lucky to get out on some dry days to take advantage of the colors. This picture of my Dutch Windmill quilt is an all time favorite.

Eclipse quilt by Sharon McConnell, curved piecing orange peel quit design with stars


So 2014 was my photography year. I will definitely continue to explore new possibilities for taking beautiful photos, it is fun and very rewarding after the time and effort put into making my quilts. I am not sure if I will have a special area of focus in 2015. I am starting courses at Ohio State University in two weeks, studying for my art degree, so I am not sure what my quilting life will even look like. I do have many more quilts, made in 2014, to share with you in 2015, once they appear in pending publications. I will have new patterns, and lots of new ideas, so I hope you will keep visiting me here!

Happy New Year!


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7 thoughts on “Oh, What Fun! Quilt Love 2014

  1. Cindy says:

    I’ve loved seeing your work over the past year! Good luck in school and Happy New Year!

  2. Yvonne @ Quilting Jetgirl says:

    I hope that you find a nice balance with school and quilting in 2015. I love the story about the gentleman moving the trailer away for you; how lovely when people are conscientious and generous like that! All the best, and I look forward to seeing what 2015 has in store for you!

  3. Amy, a redeemed sheep says:

    You did a fantastic job with your photography. Thank youjformthengreat inspiration. May 2015 be a great year for you!

  4. Debbie says:

    Your quilts are all so pretty. Love all of your settings where you photograph them. The bridge picture with the reflection in the water is great!!

  5. christa says:

    Your photography is awesome!!

  6. Lynette says:

    Your photos are so beautiful, and it was a really great year for your quilts. Love each and every one. 😀

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