Chicopee fabric by Denyse Schmidt for Free Spirit, quilting
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For the Love of Fabric: A Secret Crush

Chicopee fabric by Denyse Schmidt for Free Spirit, quilting

This Love Fabric post features a bit of a throw-back: Chicopee by Denyse Schmidt. This collection is some years old, but still available from some shops. I have always really liked it but resisted the temptation to buy it because the colors were so distinctive, the fabrics would really only coordinate within the collection. Well, I found a bundle of the blue/green color way on sale recently and I finally caved to temptation! But that is because I have some ideas for mixing it…

Chicopee fabric by Denyse Schmidt for Free Spirit, Sun Prints by Alison Glass, quilting

Another favorite: Sun Prints by Alison Glass. This was a series of prints released last year consisting of great blender prints. Just like the Chicopee fabrics, it comes in some pretty unique shades and color combinations (love that gold/baby blue streamer print!). I really like the turquoise from the Sun Prints and I threw in some gold for variety. I also like how the tonal Sun Prints provide a good contrast to the busy prints of Chicopee.

choosing color, fabric for quilt, blue and green quilt

It is obvious that I love blue in all forms. Tula Pink has a new collection out called “Moonshine” that has an absolutely gorgeous blue color way of prints. While the blues in Moonshine are more navy or royal than the turquoise in Chicopee, when you add the chartreuse-lime green and the aqua blue, I think it all hangs together really well. I am thinking that all of these together, plus a light neutral (or dark navy! or bright chartreuse!) would make a really pretty “Dutch Windmill” quilt or “Star Crossed” quilt. Perhaps I can get this sewn up as an alternative to show when I get the Dutch Windmill pattern ready for my shop?

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One thought on “For the Love of Fabric: A Secret Crush

  1. Yvonne @ Quilting Jetgirl says:

    Blue is definitely my favorite color and the hardest for me to resist when purchasing fabric. The fabrics in the last photo really do blend together quite well – I am really digging the idea of both the dark navy and bright chartreuse to bring it all together!

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