Dutch Windmill Quilt by Sharon McConnell for Color Girl Quilts, modern patchwork quilt
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Quilters Around the World: blog hop

Dutch Windmill Quilt by Sharon McConnell for Color Girl Quilts, modern patchwork quilt

I was tagged by Shirley to post as part of the Around the World Blog Hop…not sure where it started, but I guess it is my turn. I thought I would also use this post as a goal setting for the month of September: can’t believe it’s already September!? So, between questions I’m supposed to answer for the blog hop, I will mix pictures of my quilts in progress, and my goals for them this month.

What am I working on?  It seems a million things, isn’t that what everyone says? Well, I am getting ready to release a series of new quilting patterns this fall/winter for my shop, Color Girl Quilts. The first is my Hula Girl quilt (see it Here) and the second is shown above, Dutch Windmill. I need to finish writing and testing both patterns and also put the binding on Dutch Windmill (goal #1).

Mini Marcelle Medallion Quilt by Sharon McConnell for Color Girl quilts, modern traditional patchwork quilt

Goal #2: finish my Mini Marcelle Medallion top. I just have one more border for this. I also made the original, full size version (see it Here) and highly recommend this pattern. Oh, and isn’t my little model with the medallion quilt adorable? that is my youngest and he just started Kindergarten! Luckily, he is still my little guy, loves to hold my hand, snuggle and tell me everything, I am pretty crazy about him.

What makes your quilts different? I think perhaps that they are all different from each other. Good or bad, I appreciate a huge range of styles. I don’t t think you would look at one of my quilts and say, “oh, that is definitely Sharon’s” and I like that (although marketing people will say that’s a negative, oh well). I love paper piecing and challenging projects with curves and lots of pieces, but I also like simple things that just show off the beautiful fabrics. My friend was over to sew with me yesterday and I showed her two quilts I am working on. She made the comment, “how can you go from this, to this, and they are both so great?”. Obviously, I was flattered, but I wouldn’t enjoy making the same thing as everyone else, or the same as what I have made before. See a small sampling of my finished quilts, Here.

Rocky Road Star Blocks, pattern by Sharon McConnell for Color Girl Quilts

Goal #3: finish all twenty blocks I am planning for my Rocky Road Star quilt. Maybe put the top together, maybe that is too ambitious. I think I have seven done, but most of the pieces cut out.

Why do I create what I do? Because I love making beautiful things! Seriously, if you are a crafty person you understand: there is just something so therapeutic about imagining a quilt, handling the beautiful fabrics, cutting them up, and making something. I can always tell if I haven’t had a chance to sew much in a week or so, I don’t feel right (and I’m really grumpy). Creativity brings happiness that is deep.

I am tagging Lori at Sew Psyched to do the blog hop next week. Be sure and visit her for great quilty inspiration as well as fun stories about living in Alaska!

If you are a new visitor, Welcome! This was a long post for me, hopefully not too boring or self-indulgent. Thanks for reading,


3 thoughts on “Quilters Around the World: blog hop

  1. shirley tener says:

    I really think thats a cutie holding the quilt mini, I have to check out your patterns.. Me and you share color tastes..

  2. Mara says:

    Lovely quilts and great goals. I love it that my 6 yr old son also likes to hold my hand, so sweet

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