quilt now magazine cover issue 1
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On (Virtual) Newstands: Quilt Now

quilt now magazine cover issue 1

It’s no secret I like quilting magazines. I like to feature my favorites on this blog now and then. There are so many quilting magazines out there, it’s pretty safe to say there is something for everyone. What is rare is finding one that has something for everyone all in the same place.

I am really excited to have the first issue of Quilt Now, a brand new magazine from the UK edited by Katy Jones. It is available here in the States in digital form or from Pink Castle Fabrics (I subscribed through Pink Castle). After meeting Katy at Camp Stitchalot in June, I was really anxious to see what this magazine had to offer. She has had great projects published in other magazines and is really just a cool person, so expectations were high.

Quilt Now magazine, first issue, july 2014

First Impression: Colorful! Each issue will have a basic theme and the first one is “sorbet”. The colors in the projects, the cover photography and graphics reflect the pretty and soft palette.

Second Impression: Inspiring projects! I don’t like to be negative in this space, but honestly, many quilting magazines are lacking in quality projects. Now part of that is due to the fact the target audience is generally beginners. I get that, but sometimes…oh, well, I better not get started on that line of thinking……Anyway, Quilt Now is jam packed with projects (and not just really basic ones): a purse, quilts,  pillows (they say “cushion” (-;) and more.

Quilt Now magazine, first issue, july 2014

I like the variety, from instructions on English Paper Piecing, curved piecing, paper foundation piecing…lots of fun. I think this curves one would be really fun in prints!

Quilt Now magazine, first issue, july 2014

Probably my favorite feature: articles about people, what’s new and coming up, and trends….fun reading.

You can probably tell I am biased because I like Katy and I like magazines from the UK. But I would like to extend a congratulations on a fabulous first issue!



One thought on “On (Virtual) Newstands: Quilt Now

  1. Ruth says:

    It’s a lovely issue, I want to make the cover cushion and circular placemats! Love the variety in this mag.

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