modern quilting and sewing fabric by cotton and steel, cloud9, art gallery fabrics, and michael miller fabrics
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For the Love of Fabric: Cotton + Steel

Cotton and Steel fabric selvedge, RJR fabrics

If you are a selvedge person, have I got the fabric for you!

Most quilters have probably heard plenty about the Cotton + Steel collections, which are a new group of designer collections from RJR fabrics. They had huge hype leading up to Spring Market a few months ago and basically dominated social media during the Market. I am going to be brutally honest: when I first saw the collections, I wasn’t too excited. I’m not a novelty print quilter, and most of what I saw were things like horses, arrows, buttons, cats and lions….and then I saw their basics collections: dots, crosses, grids…Sold! the top fabric in the photo above is a panel of sorts consisting of blocks of different colors with polka dots, then that border with the tiny blue stars on gray. I think it is a fun idea, and has lots of potential.

cotton and steel fabric, cloud9 fabric, sewing palette

I picked up some prints on my trip to the West Coast last week. The top four and bottom one in the photo above are Cotton + Steel. You know I cannot resist a pretty blue, but if its geometric or floral, it’s mine. These created the start of a palette and I added the other three prints because they coordinate and are just really pretty! Those three are from Cloud9 fabrics, which I don’t usually buy (organic=expensive), but the shops in Portland didn’t charge as much for them as I have seen elsewhere and they are just really pretty!

My process for shopping for fabric is usually “collecting”. I don’t buy random fabric just because I like it. Typically, I am creating a group. I don’t shop for specific projects when I am ready to make them, but rather collect a group fabrics over time, then assign them to a project. I might start with a print or fabric range I really like and build from there until I have enough to make something. I feel like this gives my quilts more interest, more variety, and, to me, they are definitely more fun to make.

modern quilting and sewing fabric by cotton and steel, cloud9, art gallery fabrics, and michael miller fabrics

This is the palette I have built: aqua, navy, goose-turd green, pinkish coral, gray. It is one that I will have sitting on my cutting table just so I can look at it. But I have a feeling it won’t sit for long. It might be cutting in front of some of my other planned projects!

Happy Weekend!


4 thoughts on “For the Love of Fabric: Cotton + Steel

  1. Leah says:

    I love the selection you put together. I’ve been quilting for so long, it would never occur to me to simply use one line of fabric, the wonders of quilting is taking fabrics that don’t look like they’d work and creating something amazing out of them.

  2. Nicolette says:

    I love the blue and ochre fabrics that you’ve put together. I don’t understand one bit about the hype over the cotton and steel fabric lines though. When I started quilting I used what was available at our quilt stores, which was very booooooring and often they only had complete lines of not such lovely fabrics. With all the online shopping over the years I have created a varied stash and it’s fun be to able to shop from my own stock now.

  3. Marisa says:

    I love your explanation of how you collect fabric for a project. I buy bits here and there because I like them, but I never have enough that coordinates to make anything without needing to supplement (a lot) more. Collecting fabrics that work well together is such a great idea to give my browsing meaning!

  4. Morgan says:

    I really like your ‘for the love of fabric’ posts, you always pick such lovely fabrics to go perfectly with your acquisitions! May I ask the name of the Cloud 9 aqua/turquoise/gold/white lines print just under the navy Cotton + Steel crosses? I really love those colours together and have a quilt in my head that might like that fabric very much!

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