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Summer Blockbuster take 2: Sashing Blocks

Happy Sunday!

Last week I introduced this year’s Summer Blockbuster quilt project: a setting design for finishing up your orphan quilt blocks. Get fabric and cutting instructions Here.

Today, we start sewing! **if your blocks are different size from mine (which are 12 1/2″ unfinished), read all the instructions before cutting fabric and then adjust measurements for your block size)

Summer Blockbuster Quilt 2014


This design calls for nine pieced sampler blocks plus four “background” squares. You may choose to use 13 pieced blocks and no plain blocks (or any combination). First determine the layout that you want your blocks in the finished quilt. My favorite block is the one in the center. I had four blocks with triangles, so placed them as the centers of the four sides, the ones outlined in black.

Once you have the blocks in their planned location, you will start adding the sashing strips.

First, the white with black polka dot strips: These will be added to all four sides of five of the blocks (the four corners and the center, above)

summer blockbuster 2014

1. sew one 12 1/2″ strip to two opposite sides of each block. Press.

2. sew one 14 1/2″ strip to the remaining two sides of each block. This results in a pieced block with polka dot sashing on all four sides. Make 5.

Second, the striped and the black strips: these will appear to surround the four remaining blocks in the finished quilt, but they are actually sewn to the background squares.

summer blockbuster 2014


1. sew a 12 1/2″ striped sashing strip to opposite sides of each 12 1/2″ background square. press.

2. sew a 12 1/2″ black sashing strip to the striped strips. This results in a background square with two sashing strips on each side make 4.

3. for the remaining four pieced blocks, sew a 12 1/2″ black strip to one side of each block. Press. sew a 13 1/2″ black strip to an adjacent side (note: the sides with the strips will finish toward the edge of the quilt. if your block is directional, make sure you sew the strips on the correct sides for each block depending on its position in the quilt). see below.



4. sew a 13 1/2″ striped sashing strip to one side of each block so that it is against the black (see above). Press.

5. sew a 14 1/2″ striped sashing strip to the adjacent side of each square. This results in a pieced block with two layer of sashing on two sides. Make 4.

Press all of your blocks well and enjoy the pretty colors!

Next week, I will show how to sew the blocks together to create the quilt top.

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2 thoughts on “Summer Blockbuster take 2: Sashing Blocks

  1. Susan says:

    Sharon, I follow you via Bloglovin’ and love your designs. Each time I get a notification of a post, I am amazed. I love your blocks. Then I look to see what else I want to look at. Each time I am drawn back to your spin on the Double Wedding Ring and the quilt you designed from that quilt, too and your mom put together earlier this month. I wish I had time to do something with the pattern when you are able to get it patterned. So, I’m not trying to pressure you in any way. I’m going on a retreat next weekend, then on “holiday” as the folks in Europe say. Then I’m spending a weekend with my son and his family as soon as I return after 11 days overseas. Then I’m going back to my daughter’s to help with her children in September again. So, then I have at least six quilt requests on my plate right now. Whew! Those aren’t my requests, they are requested by others. I love your blog and the fabrics you choose. I’m learning to love modern more and more. I love the spin on traditional blocks and I have always like solids. I think there is great acceptance in modern and I like that. Thanks for your wonderful blog – it always makes me smile.

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