Free Quilt Patterns, Summer Blockbuster 2014

Summer Blockbuster Quilt: Take 3

It is week three of the 2014 Summer Blockbuster! Today I will show you how to sew your blocks together into a finished top.

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*Sew with right sides of fabric facing, using 1/4″ seam

Make Four Side Units

Make Four Side Units

Making the four sides of the quilt (above):

In the last step, you sewed strips of black and striped sashing on two sides of four of the sampler blocks. Since the blocks are on point in the finished quilt, you will add two setting triangles to each of these blocks. Using the 21 1/2″ quarter-square triangles of background fabric, arrange two of them with each (four) pieced block as shown above. Sew one triangle and press the seam, then add the second triangle. Ensure that the triangles are sewn to the same sides of the block as the sashing strips.

Making the four corners of the quilt:

Each block that finishes on a corner of the quilt will be sewn to one 13 1/2″ half-square triangle of background fabric. Sew the long edge of the triangle to one side of the sampler block, leaving the right angle of the triangle on the outside. This forms the corner of the finished quilt. Sew below.

Make four corner units

Make four corner units

On the opposite side of each corner block,  add one of the 12 1/2″ background squares with sashing on two sides. Orient the sashing strips as shown below:

summer blockbuster 2014

Make four corner units

Combining the Units to Make the Quilt Top:

1. Start with the block unit that will form the lower left corner of the quilt (in photo above). Lay out the two side units that will finish adjacent to this corner as shown below:

*the photo shows the components before the corner units were sewn together. At this stage, your setting triangles would already be sewn to your sampler blocks*

summer blockbuster 2014


2. Sew one side unit to the corner unit and press.

3. Sew the second side unit to the corner unit and press.

Repeat these steps to sew the pieces that make up the upper right corner.

summer blockbuster 2014

4. Sew the last two corner units to opposite sides of the center sampler block, making a long strip that starts and ends with a corner.

summer blockbuster 2014

5. Sew the center strip unit to one corner unit and then the other (see above). Press seams.

Summer Blockbuster Quilt 2014

Finished quilt top!!

When I make a quilt with blocks on point, I tend to use extra large setting triangles. This allows for extra fabric around the blocks, making sure I don’t lose any points in the seam allowance when I add borders or binding. Trim and square the edges and corners of the quilt so they are straight and leave at least 1/4″ outside all the block points.

summer blockbuster 2014


Thanks for following along! I hope this gives you an idea for getting those orphan blocks made into a finished quilt.


4 thoughts on “Summer Blockbuster Quilt: Take 3

  1. Judy says:

    I don’t have any orphan blocks but this quilt top is so awesome I might just have to make some!! I especially like how the sashing is sewn on so it looks like the blocks are 3D. I’ve read all of your posts and could not figure out what why sashing would be sewn like that! Mystery solved 🙂

  2. Jacque (Aka Snoodles) says:

    Wow! Sharon, this is a stunning quilt! Another home run, girl! Whoo hoooo!

  3. Diane says:

    Sharon, This quilt is fantastic, I love it! Thank you for sharing all your creative projects.

  4. Ruth says:

    Lovley idea – looks great!

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